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Even if i mean think if we only engage with the spirit one percent more in your life that's growth. That's that's that's that's progress. And so that's my per for myself. And that's my prayer for the listeners. Is is that you engage with the spirit. The lives inside of you in to help you to grow ultimately. But we're not done because there's more to the parable this. This is really what why jesus calls him. Why does jesus called guy fool in the end right right. That's where we're going to get into here. So was it just last week or the week before that. You told me about the podcast Christianity today's podcast. Yeah was Last week yeah so Christianity today has put out a podcast on the rise and fall of mars hill and I just would honestly. It's a lengthy podcast. And i was gripped just gripped from the very beginning. We're you the same. Yeah here's here's our here's our days after we. After we started listening both of us stay up late listening to his many episodes as possible. Go to bed. Wake up the first thing in the morning. i'd put it on. It was a true binge. Listen it was a bench. Listen and they're still more coming out so it's not even done but anyway so the really quickly here. It's a lengthy podcast about the downfall of the mega church mars hill that was led by Mark driscoll who was a firebrand and really he didn't just appear to be controversial from everything that's revealed through this. He was very controversial with the things he and that and i mean and the reality was he. Drew crowds like a moth to the flame with his raw personality. They loved that they loved him. Shooting from the hip and being different and that church grew to fourteen thousand people out there in seattle right. Yeah yeah who's it was crazy growth. But the problem was that he wasn't just saying things that were questionable from the pulpit. There's a lot of stuff that you just need to listen to this. But beware you'll be sucked in So have a couple of days to deal with that But i mean he fired. His elders He distance himself from leadership when they were calling for accountability and as things began to really surface and the elders were terrified of him is how it is what i perceive. They were really nervous but so they didn't fire them him. They just said that we want you to take a break and get your spiritual life back on track. There was nothing ever said about that. And instead mark quit and literally well and and one of the things that the podcast said was that he was charged with arrogance abusive and intimidating behavior and bullying. Just crazy to think of that from a pastor. Roy doing such a thing and so Literally the church was there one day and it was gone the next it folded like within just unreal of how it just closed up and you know the more that i listened to it and i was like thinking. How could this happen. What went wrong. And and honestly i went in through waves of sadness and i think you did to the people that had been abused by him. The stories the stories are just horror stories and disillusioned and some of walked away from the church and never came back because of it But here's what i thought about. Mark was busy building his empire. Everything was all about well..

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