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But let's start with more dramatic developments in malaysia i we had ninety two year old mahathir mohamad returning to paris all these prime minister now he said the jailed opposition leader anwar ibrahim will be pardoned and released from prison he's behind bars after his second conviction for sodomy was upheld he's always maintained that the charges were politically motivated speaking at a news conference in kuala lumpur mr mahattaya said malaysia's king had agreed to grant a full pardon the cause of award discussion with the album yesterday that has indicated that he is willing to pardon three immediately is going to be a full pardon which of course means that he should not only be released immediately when he is added after that you'd be three but the speed fully in politics brehm syfy and is director of the medical center for opinion research in kuala lumpur annoy ibrahim was a document tears deputy prime minister during the time when dr martier was less prime minister so he was deputy prime minister from the middle of ninety s until nine hundred ninety eight when he was sacked and then imprisoned by dr martha and for the last twenty years there have been forced across the political divide but over the last couple of years dr mahathir has joined forces with the opposition and they have triumph in the.

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