President Trump, Governor Jay Pritzker, Chicago discussed on Mark Levin


The house has voted to block President Trump's emergency declaration a measure intended to give him billions of extra dollars to build his border wall. Democrats pushed the measure through the chamber by two hundred forty five to one hundred eighty two with thirteen Republicans joining them as a Jew by the GOP led Senate seems possible next month at least four Republican senators may back the Democrats resolution Trump says there's a border crisis, and he needs more than one point four billion dollars congress provided for barrier construction. Democrats say there's no crisis and President Trump is trying to work around. Congress voters are getting a chance to pick Chicago's next mayor from a field of fourteen candidates promising to steer the city at a new direction. Bill Cameron says there's a reason why Chicago's political establishment likes to schedule elections like today's in the winter voting. And this kind of weather is the Chicago way of voter suppression turnout is expected to be low which has the election board chairwoman Mirasol Hernandez saying this people cannot wait until the runoff on April. Second. You have to make your your voices heard and express who will be the top two candidates in any one of these elections. You don't want to be one of the people who wake up on Wednesday morning and says I can't believe candidate X is the first or second one on the ballot. Well, did you vote? And if you don't vote better organized candidates for sure benefit Bill Cameron WLS, the polls closed at seven o'clock. But the Chicago Tribune says that a polling site in the city's forty fifth ward will remain open until eight pm equipment problems delayed the start of voting for more than two hours there today. A judge approved extending voting hours at independence park, located at thirty nine forty five north Springfield avenue. President Trump had some nice things to say yesterday about Illinois. Governor Jay Pritzker, just by Pritzker is very public criticism of the president are John Dempsey with that at a White House meeting with Pritzker in thirty five other US governors Trump's singled out Pritzker calling him his friend. The president also said. Illinois is a great state and that he wants to help Pritzker the Sun-Times Lynn sweet says back in the late seventies. Trump worked with the Pritzker family to develop the Grand Hyatt hotel in Manhattan, the Pritzker and Trump later sued each other then settled the dispute sometime in the nineties John Dempsey WLS AM eight nine hundred in Indiana, say an eighty two year old church bus driver.

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