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Week an off-duty Dallas police officer entered a neighbor's apartment and shot. Him dead officer, amber, Geiger, said she entered both John's apartment by mistake thinking, it was her own Geiger says she saw a figure standing inside and thought it was an intruder. She drew her service revolver and fired killing John, but John's family and many people in the community. Our question, you officers version of events NPR's. Wade Goodwin is covering the story from Dallas either would go warning. Would you walk us through the known facts in order? We just heard affectively the officers story, but there are some other data points here. Yes. So here's what we know. So far about the ten PM last Thursday after a long shift, and she was still under his police uniform, amber Geiger park their car on the fourth floor apartment building Araj. Normally, she parks on the third because that's where apartment is. Geiger, then walks into the buildings hallway somehow enters the apartment that's one floor up from hers and shoots John in the chest. You know, he's minding his own businesses an apartment when she comes through the front door draws her weapon weapon and shoots him in the chest. Is there some information to to challenge that story? Well, there are three different stories about how the officer got into the apartment the Dallas police department. Search warrant said Geiger encounter John at his front door after she unsuccessfully tried to open it neighbors reported. They heard words exchanged and then two shots. So in this version Geiger kill John after he opened his front door. And she standing there in the hall, but then in the arrest warrant, which was issued by the Texas Rangers. The story has changed in this version officer Geiger gets to the door in search your key into the lock, but while doing so the door just swings open because she asserts, it's not even latched. So she enters sees John standing there draws her weapon calls out to him and fires two shots killing him. Geiger says she then turns on the lights in the apartment realizes she's in the wrong place and calls nine one one. And so we're talking about really subtle differences here, but things that could make a tremendous difference as to whether this this killing could be seen in some way. As explainable or not. It's also been reported that the doormat has something to do with all of this. What would it have to do with John put this red semi circle doormat at the front door to his apartment, and I've seen the picture and the apartment door in the matter, and this well that interior hallway one would have to stand on the mat when you face the door if you look down to insert your electron key-fobs into the lock you can't help. But see yourself standing on this read Matt it's bound to raise questions about why Geiger couldn't deduce from the physical evidence. You know, she was literally standing on top of them. This was not her front door on this subject. Here's Benjamin Crump lawyer for the Sean family in an interview with NPR is very important because both them putting that read Matt there. So his apartment would be clearly identifiable to people who were coming to visit him and that red Matt stands out. I mean, there's a bright red. And these are the kinds of details that make this case. So perplexing evidence that points in both directions. And of course, there will be funeral services today for both John Wayne. Thanks very much. You're quite welcome. That's NPR's. Wait could..

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