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I'm not even saying that as a diss Blake. What does he do? Now off the top of my head. I have no idea. I don't know. She does acting. I don't know you that you you you you think if bully Ray if Bubba Ray Dudley needs to get hold of Stacey Keebler, you think you could get on the phone if you tried hard enough, absolutely. Even hesitate. Not. No, no, absolutely. Not do bummer is number. Do. I want to ask you right now. I'm so like first of all Bubba Ray. You know, I'm a fan. So to me, he seemed like a nice guy with the people in the biz. He seems like type of dude they're like you just wanna do business with and go home and stay out of his way. I love I he's really one of my favorite people like he has real respect. He's one of those guys. And now, he like, you know, now, he does bust it open a lot with David Greco. But he's always like he treats the people who cover wrestling with lottery specked like he actually appreciates it. Even from our first interview, if you ever go on YouTube, if you're randomly board, and you want to see an underrated wrestling with Rosenberg interview, pull up my bully Ray when he was in prime bully Ray at TNA, it's a really good interview on YouTube if I do. Say so I said what I see him again. I'm going to ask him. I it makes me sad. If he cannot get Stacy Keebler on the phone. I'm gonna I who do you think who do you think he could get on the phone though? Like, all right, set aside. Wa who do you think he is like he could get on who set aside keeps these Keebler? No, I'm saying like set aside doin, you think he can they seculow on the phone idol. But who else do you think like that he would be able to text right now FaceTime and they'd pick up? Bubba ray. Yeah. I I how are you? Asking me this. I don't know who the hell Bubba Ray. The you know the phone. You think he thinks he won't be issue. She was there manager there's a relationship there. That was like ten years ago ten years. This is this is pre Kuni to if cool. You don't even while he probably didn't tell about like if Cooney had her act in Hollywood to the e. Then, you know, Clooney dislike when we're going to hang out with some guy next week next week. I'm getting Bubba Ray Dudley on the show. So we can clear this up once and for all. Okay. Do I think do I think bubble driving Bubba? I think Bob Ray w at the rock on the phone. Surprisingly, I think he can get there up on the phone to. I think he can pull it off as well. The yearbook. I deal the phone. I've done it on this podcast. I was trying to decide I it's an interesting conversation should people who are around who you could no longer get on the phone. Because only a few people in that category. Who went like, so hollywoodish? You know, I think anyone can get Batista on the phone still. What else do you think? We and get absolutely Austin's. A wrestling. Was that another one you can get all? Yes. I can. Well, okay. I could he's called me before I've got an Austin before. Oh bet he can get you on mostly give me on the phone everyone. Well, he actually doesn't have any number. But you get the idea. So you went Hollywood on. I think I've been Austin in Batista. There's such those are wrestling guys. But the ones who are the ones who are interesting to talk about whether people get them on the phone are, obviously the rock because he's the biggest star in the world pretty much. And and then Stacey Keebler is interesting because she went super Hollywood to to anyone else. Go very highly CENA's Hollywood. Fina soup. Yeah. I don't think too many people get seen on the phone..

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