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Him? I'm the Peter king. Amazing. The record. So, you know, playing a percentage is there and Chantal in the saddle. So 50%. So he is stepping up the horse. I use cats to dream too, who defeated riveting spirit a couple of starts back. And then a point did it goes to the desert of Bond. I just thought that riveting spirit here is where I like. I did go three deep, but I think you can maybe zero in a plate of percentages. Right there in paper. You know, black and white. Yeah, you know, 50% strike rate. That's almost strong enough, at least just based on numbers to go ahead and single riveting spirit. And Ronnie you're getting 6 to one on the morning line. Yeah, yeah, no, I like this one. You know, the races were so hard. Thank goodness. I don't have to make the morning line anymore. 5 years. You know, but yeah, you know, that's what I'm saying. It's going to be that I really believe it's going to be that kind of day. You know, this last leg, last race in the sequence, race number ten. Boy, this is I'll tell you you could go. This is where I want to hit the all button because I looked at this race and I could not figure out who on earth I thought would win. I played the little rejoin clip. They're leading into your interview of flow motion winning on the 4th of July last year at Monmouth. It was hard to find horses with winds on their page here. Yeah. That was from the Jameson belly button. But yeah, I liked a horse in here today. I'm not going to say love, but I like and it's the three Hawaiian notes and I'll tell you why. If you look at this horse's record, it doesn't show in the paper, perfect two for two on synthetic surfaces. Goes to the Peter world of bond after that claim tries to compete today. First thought he rallied. You go back and ran really nice go line for longs in the main track of extra toga. The barn, you know, is good with new claims. Jesus Rios is okay rider. And I just think the angles I've been using. I look back and say, hey, this horse is one on synthetic track somewhere, you know, Peter welder, I would expect first off the claim. So I like Hawaiian noises today. I use Timmy M in second and digital footprint on my ticket, but why noises, you know, here's the one if I positive about somebody that might win this horse here number three, why noises? Yeah, it's going to be a fun day at Gulfstream. And of course, all this in advance of the championship meet, which were less than what two weeks away from the start of the championship meet? Yes, tomorrow's closing day here are off for about 9 or 11 days. We come back on December 2nd Friday, December 2nd for the championship me. I can't wait. I've been working alone for the last, but I can't wait for a case. Everybody get back so I can get my voice back. Yeah, I believe it. It's been a trying summer for you having to do all that talking and carry the ball again. But I'm going to tell you around there's nobody better down there. You've been doing it a long time. Well, I appreciate that. So let's get lucky today. If we both hit this is deal we have the other guy takes the other guy's dinner. Deal. Absolutely. If not, if not, we both lose. We'll get Larry Coleman to take us to dinner. Yeah, shorthand? No. All right, buddy. Good luck in the Rainbow Six. Bye. All right, Ron nicoletti here on the horse racing radio network, fantastic. One of the real good guys in the.

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