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Of jon gruden i mean you're someone who of course i'm sure you've watched him breakdown quarterbacks on espn of the past few years he someone who had a lot of success in the league previously in oakland and in tampa bay i mean what what were these strengths of of john gruden's version of the west coast offense during his first run in oakland in tampa what did his offense is really do well relative to offenses at the time so it's it's hard for me to say what he did in tampa bay and watch a lot of of gruden and tampa bay but you know when i was watching with the raiders obviously i was a bit younger at the time but i i did go back and study some of his offense or what i could whatever film i could find offense back then sure and if you just see that west coast precision that you know walsh is still famous for and i think the raiders got away from that type of precision last year and got a little too loose and you know every everything so precise there's so many things but they are able to play fast same time i think a lot of that with attributed to having a lot of veterans a lot of guys that are really football smart like you know jerry rice tim brown rich again and so that was really impressive see all the multiple things that they could do at still play fast so what about he's steam or his concepts are his language at least from what you've been able to ascertain back from that time with the raiders of even time with tampa bay what about that might seem anachronistic to the nfl in two thousand eighteen yes so i you know the west coast language in general is just really for both in unnecessarily complicated but you know i think sean mcveigh he's a west coast principal guy and he kind of simplified his language a lot last year and i can't say too much about what i saw or heard and training camp but i will say that you know i think things have changed and he's made that language a little simpler i think that the league generals kind of moving on to becoming a little more simpler because they're more geared towards having moving faster and i think that comes from the spread principles i've learnt takeover nfl play faster and be less complicated you know offense as a little more player friendly now and you know that's not that's not speaking for all coaches obvious there's there's a bunch of coach out there just in love with adding volume and trying to do as much as they can aaron kromer who is the rams off it's of line coach coach and he was just an assistant under gruden before said we he he had a quote he said we threw the ball seven hundred sixty times we only use twenty percent of what we have so you can imagine the volume of what we have so you know one of gruden's things part of the dna just wanting to do so much so i hope that maybe he's toned down a little bit and obviously things are different now with the new cb cva rules you don't have as much practice time so maybe that has something to do with how things are a little simpler now and hopefully he could adjust his offense to you know becoming a little more simple little more player friendly so i mean obviously you can't talk a ton about what you saw in training camp but in terms of what you've seen gruden say or you know your thoughts on this matter i mean d does he strike you as someone who is really flexible in terms of of what he's learned over.

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