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Of al Qaeda I can hold my chest this is a president who has said grab women by the this is a president who's called black black athletes this is the president was called black come from black and brown countries this is a prize that who has equated neo **** with those who protest against them in child spell house Democrats are are planning a vote on a resolution that condemns the president's comments the proposed measures as trump's words of quote legitimized increased fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color color Tennessee governor bill lead now says he's in favor of changing a law that requires the state to honor Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan Lee tweeted yesterday while it's his job to enforce the law he plans that working to change a decades old statute requiring governors to sign the proclamation designating July thirteenth this Nathan Bedford Forrest day lease statement comes after a face national backlash for at not only signing the proclamation last week but also declining to answer if you thought the law should be changed high profile Republicans and Democrats criticized the signing a judge's lowered a jury's damage award from eighty million to twenty five million for a California cancer victim who use Monsanto's roundup weed killer the judge reportedly said he was required to reduce the punitive damage award because it went beyond constitutional limits set by the Supreme Court in March a jury found that Glaus fate was likely a cause of seventy year old Edwin arguments diagnosis of non Hodgkin's lymphoma this past Friday the judge refused to overturn the jury's verdict that Monsanto's.

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