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Seven, three DP show Email address DP Dan, Patrick dot com. Are the Cowboys back that didn't take long, right. I thought the way they opened up against the giants like now, that's a fun offense here and they're, they're running shoot. They're wild all over the place. Tape on Austin, run the ball past the ball run, pass option. They did it all. And then all of a sudden, wait, where did it go? Did they just stop doing it? Because they thought they had that game in hand in the giants made it a little interesting there at the end. But I thought Dallas look fun at least to start out. And then the defense played well sacking Eli manning six times. So we got our poll question. We'll get to your phone calls best and worst we'll check in with the Cleveland Browns as well. Alex in Alabama. Joins us, hey, Alex, what do you have for me. First time long time, five eleven three quarters in a chord. One eighty five. The weekend for you. We're still weekend like you were talking about earlier, actually played Patrick Mahomes and fantasy. So didn't go as well as wanted best of the weekend. So down here in Alabama. What are you? A two lane football game was hanging out watching the game, got up at half time to get some food and realized that I was in the wrong section row number, but I was just really happy. Nobody was there to call me out, you know, things went well, but yeah, that's what I got for. All right. Well, thank you. Alex section row, six people make that mistake all the time. Don't they taught. I'm sorry. I was on the phone with our guests all cash ever. Somebody who was giving you sort of a shout out a section, very nice seat. We like that. Yeah, just getting laughs for its shadowing, so you're not, you're not getting laugh, but you're getting shout outs here. Are you like getting touch with the program? Eight, seven, seven, three DP show our Email address DP Dan, Patrick dot com. Twitter handle at DP show, say good morning to our radio and TV partners and Mary Kay cabinet..

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