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Progressive could save you fourteen twenty nine to go in the first half. And Michigan state is out to a quick start over the badgers of Wisconsin fifteen to four lead by the at the start by caches Winston, he has six points and three assists. He's basically had his fingers on everything. Michigan state has done so far Aaron Henry's cleaned three boards up to get the transition going and Wisconsin having trouble making shots to rates of our. And look this is to issues that Wisconsin has already come become very clear. They don't have outside of Ethan half another shot creator that isn't a very good player. But he's not a blur offensively. And he does have one Taran bucket in the post you can play on the post. With him. But they basically have to throw it can happen. Hope we can create child himself and others and one that aware down in to the way Michigan state is playing they're playing it. So that Ethan has to do it all himself now allowing his passing very good passers. And the other part is Michigan state as you pointed out, it's painfully obvious caches Winston is there. Offense and creator, but Wisconsin really pressure. You out of what you wanna do. We're gonna see foster lawyer course, played really well off the bench to little depression point guard. But if if I'm playing Michigan state, I get the ball out of Winston tans and make somebody else beat us. The problem is that's out. How concentrates so foster lawyer who became a folk hero yesterday with his performance against Ohio say dad only nine points in nineteen big ten games before he had fourteen yesterday. Former Mr. basketball in the state of Michigan who lit up in his high school career finally finding a shot in the game against the buckeyes yesterday. Davison driving for Wisconsin. It's all the way to the rim. But Kenny going throws up the stop sign right at the rim gets it ahead to Kyle arns who's battling a bad back. It's back to penny coins is on fire from downtown burying his third from the long line early. And it's a fourteen point Spartan lead. And that's all in advancing the basketball foster lawyer dances the ball flattens out the defense. And then you gotta trail big men like Kenny going to speed set knocks down the three a forward in off the bench for Greg guard and the badgers downloaded Charles Thomas. Thomas going to go to work on Nick ward. Who's back in a couple of big body's going to work turnaround blocked partially but Thomas takes it away from Boston lawyer the diminutive guard gets big Charles Thomas. He just took it away. That's one of the frustrations with Auster lawyers. He has got to be tough. He's just got to be tougher is taken away from him like taking candy from a baby lawyers swigs at the goings on the right side. Deep throw Nick ward going to work his left hand hook up and hangs on the Raymond goes Nick ward coming back from a broken shooting hand catches it with the right, but goes back to that left looks comfortable shooting. That's the difference. And he and Charles Thomas, Charles Thomas, and he had the same body. But Nick ward is an all American caliber low post play you wanna play through him. Whereas Wisconsin was offensively. It's not like you're looking to work inside of that. Big, man. Brevin pretzel gives it to Kobe king. Here's a guy who can get his own offense in some cases, kickbacks in against Kyle arns arns goes down and pivots right to the middle and makes the hoop off the window over the outstretched arms of Nick ward king and a Ford are two badgers that they need to have make their presence known Khalil adverse said that every time he leaves the game and Kobe. Comes in. He tells Kobe to shoot it every time arns gives it to lawyer on the right side. Now can go great guards, very happy with her shoot. It every time Nick ward bit post on the right block wheeling across the bait and a traveling violation called on Nick ward. I'm as perplexed as you duck. I think it was a Terry is what was called but carry the travel underneath it. But that was an odd. Call twelve minutes. Thirteen seconds left in the first half twenty two eight Michigan state with the lead the number one seed over the number four seed winner advances to the big ten term at finals. Michigan state won the only match up during the regular season played in Madison reverse going to dump it. Download a Kobe cake working on Aaron Henry king. Good spin baseline presses it up off the window with a jump. Stop underneath big body too strong for Erin Henry there. Toby king a couple of quick baskets getting himself map mcquaid drives baseline on Brit. So for Wisconsin. And a whistle foul going to be called on Brevin. Crystal. Eleven forty seven to play in the first half. Michigan.

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