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Yeah, got ahead of me. All right. We saw what happened to Trevor Laurence against Ohio State and the college football playoff semifinal and Justin Fields as much as I was doubting his accurate in after the Big 10 championship game. Was unreal. Now, Maybe that was just some liabilities and clips in secondary that just kind of got glossed over. Even though the same thing happened to that sex secondary last year gets ls you This could be a colossal shootout because we know Alabama Canal score anybody on it looks like if Justin Fields is healthy, which is a big question mark that they can score some points as well. How do you see this national championship game playing out? You know one of his worst games against Northwestern with 100 yards or so and then they explode with the six touchdowns against Clinton. So I think the secondaries there definitely could be challenged. Album has trouble against Ole Miss. They give up 46. I think it wasn't in Florida, 46 or 48. So they, you know, I thought all year that the defense is getting better. But then, when I reviewed the information with the quarterbacks they played Old Mr Florida. We're not very good, and it turned out even practicing against all those great players at Alabama did help him now They're tackling better communicating better because they had four or five people in the secondary that we're young. Besides, Patrick's retained the second and Josh job, but I think it's a shootout. I think it's in the thirties and maybe the last team to hold the football. I would say that if you're trying to stop the receivers for Alabama and the receivers, rowhouse state Maybe you look at those tight ends like a Giulio Billingsley frowns from Alabama's from Chicago and you look the Titan who had a fantastic game. Jeremy Rocker from New York Matter of fact, so maybe those tight ends are big factors in this came AP You think that Nick is doing this in in five years, five years from now on, that's saving, still coaching Alabama? Yeah, That's what I think. About five years. You know, he's 69 years young on And you know, he still plays the basketball during lunchtime because he really pretty good shooter. Yes, thank you. That's what She's she's. I think she's the boss. When you you know, evaluate that relationship, and yeah, I don't know if she don't like being home all the time. Like the paycheck much. Hey, yeah. Do you imagine him? Because this This was floated a couple years ago. I believe About the Texas job or something like that. You think he would get an itch to go take on another challenge anywhere else or where his last job be as the Crimson Tide head coach? I have a funny story for you. I was with Al Guido. He's the president of the 40 Niners. He asked me one time. They were, um there in Atlanta to see how it was like the host the national championship because it went to Santa Claire. We asked about next David coaching the 40 Niners, said Al. I said Mrs Savings if she went to California should be a nice woman from California. But in Alabama, she's the Queen of Alabama. Yeah, means no. He's good. Different means No. He's gonna be in Alabama and retired Alabama that she really does run the show, huh? You're not just kidding around. I'm not a very nice woman. Hysteria is, he calls her She's always at the game, but she's very vocal and her, let's say review of her husband's coaching. Yeah, all the time Favorite AP The cool thing this year. We mean they moved the box the press box in the broadcast booth for the For the radio broadcast where I do it, it was usually outside On the other on the West side, Whatever whatever side that was now they've moved. It indoor s Oh, my box that I went to him with the three games this year and called three games for compass media. I was in the box right next to Mrs. Save it. So her boxes right next to ours, So we saw her throughout the game. Yes, she is. She's in. She was really engaged. It's also one game that she didn't go to ours. He was the one that Nick tested positive for the coronavirus. Sure is very much of it. Well, listen AP. I love the energy. I love the fact that revealed your your order. 123 in the Heisman. Great great insight into the program. You're obviously is connected. Is anybody down there and out there? Could have any other show, Buddy, take it spoke very highly of you. And I could see why a nice conversation. Really appreciate. Thank you so much and happy. New Year's All the good folks in Alabama from L. A lower Alabama. Thank you be nice. Sometimes I'm envious of that kind of existence. You know what that would just be nice, like, instead of being stuck in Jersey and deal with the nettle. It sounds like you love. But you know what I mean? I've told you many times. You've got to get down on the game in Tuscaloosa. Brian told you many times to bring me back a shirt from the games that you've done. How could you come down and you get yourself? Here's the thing, though, Petey. It is the it is the greatest like environment to just chill and they always wins. I mean, with all the games, and there's never any stress in the fourth quarter, they always win. So everybody's like happy on, you leave there, and it's just like it's like a It's just amazing, but I'd love to know I don't break here. I'd love to know from An objective voice like not a diehard Bama fan, Not even somebody necessarily connected with the SEC. But just somebody who has a real, you know fervor for stadiums and the ambience and tail gates like I And I know it's subjective anyway. But I would love to know, like from people who have been to the great stadiums like what is the best cause I've never been a battle, but I've been to Michigan Stadium. I've been to the horse you into the big house. I have not been to the horseshoe been to a few packs Well, venues army, but they don't have been dip in Happy Valley. I went there with white out last couple years ago, which was insane. I remember when you did that. Yeah. I mean, I mean his Bama. I helpless you at night. That's what that's the general consensus. Ls you at night? His number one. I haven't got to do that one. For whatever reason I got skipped on the on the on the target. No, on the ls you gave last l a U L s U Alabama two years ago when they were down there, and I had to bring that up with Michelle Didn't think you were good enough. What? They said No. Or maybe they didn't. They didn't just didn't have the game. I have not here, but you're right. You know, I think why Alabama and Ellis, you always get the tick The check. It's because the weather is always great know that even even in November or whatever, late October, it's gorgeous. Yeah, it's easy to go to. Where that white how game I went to. It was freezing. Absolutely. We'll stay with the horse. You say what Michigan Stadium yet? No, no doubt same and most of the continent, the big 10. Yeah, I mean, I haven't heard much about the food game down Obama. Oh, it's not saying it's not good, but I haven't get it. But it's not. It's not healthy. It's not revere. Maybe maybe I'm just the great you know the great praise. But you're saying Think it's more about like the game and have like there are certain places known for food is what I'm saying. I think Alabama's tailgate is not necessarily one of a butt. Be wrong. All right, let's get the update. Act has tailgated absolutely nowhere because he's never had a drink in his life Right act. Actually have had a drink in my life. I haven't had too many. And I did I have tell get it. Yeah, well, tell us where I mean Super Bowl 23 about college. I've never actually.

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