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Take those little blue i can't finish the sentence but it's all nitric oxide i opened the hour with a broadside against the conformity of the media in which i find myself and being a free thinker and a nonconformist an independent i told you what i think identity and i'm going to have a hood barack on tomorrow and how i've been attacked on the media just for saying i'm going to have him on so i got some of the answers were very clever and smart a man named muhammad corresonding emailed or texted and says savage who'd barack was a great general but a terrible politician he gave one half of jerusalem the entire temple mouth in allah judea samaria to arafat arafat refused giving back good qatif on gaza endanger the security of israel more attacks and then he said he would iraq is the obama of israel well he'll be on tomorrow so why don't you listen to think for your here for yourself what he has to say i told you that i have him on for two reasons one he's the former prime minister till he was former commander of israel's elite special forces chief of the army army chief of staff and then prime minister how could i not listen to what he has to say on the face of it i don't think a twostate solution could work given what happened in gaza the other day when there's already a barrier of a desert pay basically with only a few kibbutzim between the the body of.

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