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Giving you. Some classic soul from the Manhattan's on the Carnival Records label from nine, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine off of their album doing their best things and you know the Manhattan says a serious. History you know. They go so far back you know as an arm be group you know but they they are and I don't know if they're still active but. Dake, got more popular later on when their lead singer was Jerrell Allston. Okay. And you know a lot of people remember the Manhattan's for their million selling songs like kissing say. From Nineteen, seventy, six and nineteen, eighty s a shining star. But you know the Manhattan stay go way back they started charting. As early as one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, five, including They've charted on the billboard for the first time in nineteen, sixty five and you know their early history you know they originally came from Jersey City and they were formed in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two with members George Smitty Smith. Who was born in Nineteen thirty nine in December but he died in one, thousand, nine, hundred seventy at the age of thirty. One Edward Sunny givens who was born January fifteenth nineteen thirty six but he passed away in two thousand fourteen December Winfred Blue Lovett. Born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, six, in Jersey City, he passed away in December two thousand fourteen Arizona, yet, Kenny Wally. Kelly. Wally Kelly born Kenneth. Bernard Kelly born January ninth thank him forty one and he died in February two, thousand fifteen and Richard. Ricky. Taylor. Born in nineteen forty and he passed away nineteen eighty seven but the early Manhattan's bins loving and Kelly graduated from Lincoln. High. School while Taylor and Smith were graduating from. Snyder. And they had their first single for the very first time released in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, four on the carnival records label, and they continue recording successfully with songs written by various members of the group they were they were songwriters and then they in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine, they moved to the subsidiary of king records but. The their lead singer Kane General Allston, who was the nephew of Sh- rows leaves singer Shirley Austin Reeves didn't know that. And deal lead singer in nineteen seventy George Smith fell bell ill and he passed away and George. Gerald. Austin, became the lead singer of the minute Hatton's and this is a bowl of soul a mixture of so music and I'm GonNa play you another sweet song from the legendary late great Mr Paul Williams who I felt. As part of the temptations he was one of the lease baritone leads in a group and he you know Paul Williams was a was a good singer very good singer very good. You know most of the temptations Ruffin Eddie Kendricks. Paul Williams. Dennis hours they all were good singers but especially Mr Paul Williams who was a member of the original five right here on a bowl of soul I need you more than ever from Nineteen seventy-two and this is a bowl of. So this is camber not come listen to relax on a bowl of sewn a mixed of Sony. Music. Sets. Good good song..

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