George H W Bush, George Mitchell, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


All four corners of the world as the saga continues. Grab audio sound bite number twenty five George Mitchell. I mentioned yesterday. That. And I I didn't I didn't tell the story in detail because I've told it so many times, but I'm I'm remembering things that I have not mentioned about Dell's back into it. But it was in June of nineteen Ninety-two that I had the opportunity to to have dinner with the President Mrs Bush, forty one at the White House and then went to the Kennedy Center with them. For the performance. I forget what the performance was. Then went back stage at the intermission to meet the cast. And then we split back to the White House where we went to the presidential study. And Chad at about the campaign for about an hour. Maybe even longer than that than it was to the Lincoln bedroom to spend the night. And then snuck out of their early the next morning. Get back to New York to do the radio program. And during that time in the study after having returned from the Kennedy Center as in presidential limo. When I'm gonna tell you, it's it's amazing to be in that limo when they shut down traffic, and there are no red lights, and there are cops and secret service all over the place, and you get where you're going with nobody to stop you. It was unique to be see how that actually feels when you're in the midst of it. It was it was during this time, the President Bush said that he liked Tom Foley. Who was the time was the democrat speaker of the house? He was from Washington Foley was a guy you could work. With Foley was a decent guys. Okay. Guy. Foley was later seemed to be stealing airline meals off of flights that he took after he had retired. You remember that Mr. Snerdley busted stealing airplane meals? Anyway. When the name George Mitchell came George Mitchell was the Senate majority leader Senator from Maine, President Bush told me is the most partisan man in Washington, which surprised me I've been doing the program for four years. And I knew who Georgia was obviously. But George Mitchell, I then came to learn was typecast every Senate democrat majority leader, except maybe Chuck Schumer, Chuck you may be breaking them all, but if you stop making these people, they're all very soft spoken, and they never raise their voices or get mad and like, Tom Daschle. He followed George Mitchell and Daschle would appear with Tony snow on FOX or over with Tim russert on NBC meet the press and every time that Tom Daschle was on TV was concerned. It was so concerned Tim about whatever the Republicans are proposing doing because it's such a violation of human and civil rights were very concerned, Tim these Republicans, you know, they just they don't love people. And it's really a problem. We're really really concerned him. And then Harry Reid comes along. And he's the same way. That guys spoke. So softly it. Can you can never hear him half the time? But they were vicious vicious partisans. And that's what Bush told me about George Mitchell. He said don't be fooled. But he is the most partisan man in this town are the drive bys would have you believe that George H W Bush never saw people that way. Oh, no. He was to civil was too sophisticated. He was too dignified from an era gone. But don't yourself. He told me the reason parole was trying to sabotage his presidential rank gave you give it a low down on a lot of things. But I want to play you a sound bite from George Mitchell from just moments ago on Bloomberg television's balance of power, and you know, who hosts the show, the former president of ABC news, David Westin. And you got Mitchell on there. Memoirs and memories about George H W Bush and western says, what was it like working with President Bush? Listen to this. We had a very good working relationship..

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