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Don't see every day i look. Yes but stuff like that even like marvel dc. It's just like you know. I mean you've got an alien standing there with you. Got a green kid who changes in the chain of different animals. Gotta cyborg standing airport. Oh go so crazy. It's the ghost part. I repeat the seeing them all mug and then like we'll be going away. I feel that it's gonna i guess. I think they shouldn't be so shocked. I mean they just try going at a literal demon like okay. Maybe they're shocked because the ghost were nice. Roma like oh my god. Ghost is like hugged each other and boot when way they didn't hurt or anything. Finally a supernatural thing. That was in trying to kill us ya. Maybe that's why maybe. But you're i think the big question would you stay in that apartment while now goes are all gone for six months living with debt by obviously would clear the dead bodies out so right yeah looks like they unearthed the nice little Fireplace looks like the deadlines were stuffed in a fireplace. Kathrina the wall. Anyway we could probably fix fireplace up. Maybe i mean yeah. I'd say but i'd be a little. Gimme the bbc news. Every once in a while i thought i was living with dead bodies for awhile. Go what you think. They'll i like. I mean i liked it. It was a nice little murder mystery. I mean it's always nice to see dick in the middle of a mystery. I mean some of the other ones. It's always like oh. Do we need the whole team for this because again it's like dick probably gonna solve this himself. Yeah but also saw the go so he was awesome. Invested trump is a team book. So i know. But i mean again. It could have been like when he helped on track down her stop. it was basically just him and her. I mean again like you said it was nice little one and done. Yeah next issues. Starts the crisis crossovers. I guess are dying. That would have been. You can have a little dick grayson. Maybe have corey with them. You know do a little murder mystery and then at the end oh all's well that ends well then they get a call from the rest of the team Yeah this guy just turned red. Cosmic stops going down. Say something actually say like we never get a day off or something. I think when the phone call doesn't say something like even doctors get a day off or something. Yeah yeah he says. You should be glad you waited. It's victor something tells me this evening's shot the blazes. Even doctors get occasional nights off-duty in the morning so they still get to go to their show so they did get nine. Oh but that. We're in funny if he'd been like i haven't had a day off since i've been eight real but hey they did that day off. They have one day on went on married. They didn't even have days off when he was a kid. 'cause he was working at the circus i know i mean not that anyone knew who they were but maybe to be pretty stupid they would tacked out. Wedding are every titans there. Anyone who's ever been at titan was there batman was there wonder woman was. There ain't superman. Was there nothing pretty stupid to attack. Maybe a of amazon's was there. Some live do your would there. Yeah exactly but i mean come on. Anyone was their star. Fires even sting bryan. You need to stop it. Superman wonder woman star fire night. You know all right. Yeah exactly So where are we gonna go. The titans help people get eternal rest. Sousa cute it was cute little story again like you said it's a team but it was like really didn't need the whole team. That was nice. Little bonding experience. I guess exactly. I mean you're you're relied when you all saw goes mystery together and you just stay and you just stand there with your mouth. Agape like what the heck the another busted a is still larry's of that a woman will. Yes because he's probably the hundred senator stereotype of the way they draw her hair. All cracking me up. The house is almost expecting those anymore. Scooby dude been like i would have gone away with the two. That hadn't been for you. Are you meddling titans but really. It was the ghost girl. Oh my god. So funny of they came in and like gore was like the shape of a dog. Like you guys have got away with the tube and unveiled for your kids. This you know what lady you should have buried the girl in the bible with their parents and this wouldn't have happened why guessing it probably took her to track the girl downs. And it's like do you go back and like redo the wall and everything. Oh exactly again. Where the curls ad. I mean we that were spirits at rest now with their parents who todo or the girl's body is true so actually we need a proud while where his money probably in the river or something but it's just like in. The drink does about her spirits at rest. That's right that's what's most important. I guess she's at risk because he found their parents. But it's like well. Yeah you're freed. The found the the parents bodies based on her body togetherness yes so happy together in light when we haven't together in death i guess me up. So why does it take the girls. Six months there manifest yourself every time. I don't know maybe she's hoping that the people after six months are invested enough in the army that they will leave. Right away or if. They're not renovating after six months ago. Cag- ought to do this. Like i could be because someone could just when he did that apartment toward on the wall and be like hey snap that. No yup well. Obviously that person wasn't dick because he's managed apartment six months and still hasn't even on packed all the way or you know have been good. Detective story Nice little team up between dick and jericho. because isn't he like an amateur detective to are injured dicken. Joey are the two biggest ones on the team at this point. A bit detecting as well. Excuse for nice little buddy cop think that's true that's true all right anything else on that. I think that's what's happening next week. Bill aren't remember. We still have two more weeks of titans stuff because next week. New titans fifty five and fifty seven alone issues. Yeah the coins out about jason todd and the other one. Oh is this the other one where i on it goes from. People wonder girl was a troia. Yeah i think it's a new dot. Yes new costume. Yeah yup yup. Yup it's interesting like Like i taught like me. And i will and matt sorted green lantern podcast. And we're going in order ain't now from greenland and one in the nineties and eventually we do some of the dark star issues. Like were jon. Stewart was in there but like yet dawn is in some of those. I've ever read that. That's going to be interesting to see like dauntingly. You know is shannon nineties or not till later. When john de yeah. Yeah yeah. I don't think she's in there from issue one like i said i don't really read them but yeah i think she's in there around. She's in there with john stewart. Yeah that's like the most of the time she dated. Cows darkstar.

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