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And the top story this hour, we are just under two months away now from a very important midterm election in one that could determine the course of the Trump agenda, and here's KTAR Cisco Saunders live without. Yeah. We seem to talk about this all the time right in terms of blue ways. But do you really get what's at stake here? Harris County Republican party chair Paul Simpson. Telling us it's more than just a tax cuts the booming economy at risk with a Republican loss and the time to get involved is running out just five weeks early vote. So there's an awful lot at stake in this election voters need to ought to get engaged and turn out decorating Harris County, it's so worth telling Jimmy and share this morning. The goal of the left is to undo everything. President Trump has done. A constant sense of derangement ever since Donald Trump was elected, and they're trying to undo the election. So Democrats need only pick up twenty three seats to win control of the house of representatives. In November analysts say there are forty braces that are in the competitive category. All right. Put on your running shoes for going to be in this race, Texas. Democrats could lose the seat in the state Senate when the legislature reconvenes in January is all because of a spat between Houston congressional candidates, Sylvia Garcia and governor, Greg Abbott. Now Garcia has yet to formally resign her seat, so Harris County clerk stand. Standard says the deadline has passed to actually get the race on November ballot. She didn't house a real resignation that the government would accept that is late for be on the November ballot. And the result is we're going to have to run extra election. They've what we would have cost to taxpayers from Harris County over a half million dollars and critics are saying Garcia is been delaying her resignation. Just so she could collect another retirement check by resigning next year. She's able to purchase more years to get her. From the Senate started gather city retirement, she's got to county retirement now, she's looking for that retirement from the state. Your runs for congress. Either way it appears eight hundred fifty thousand residents in Houston's east end south, Texas, south Houston and parts of Pasadena could be without a state Senator come January as long as she gets her pension. Yeah. Last minute bombshell threatening to derail the confirmation of the supreme court nominee. Brett Cavanaugh, a California psychology professor claims that Cavanaugh tried to sexually assault her when they were in high school now, she is identified herself now on a Washington Post article on Sunday ABC's Stephanie Ramos here will there be a vote this week to advance supreme court nominee. Brad, Kavanagh Democrats and even some Republicans are calling for a delay after allegations of sexual misconduct against him. A woman named Christine blazey Ford is accusing the judge of sexually assaulting her at a high school party in the early eighties Ford. Initially shared her story confidentially with California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who forwarded it to the FBI last week. But details were later leaked. It was not a topic addressed during his confirmation hearings, but is now threatening to possibly delay vote. Stephanie Ramos, ABC news, Washington. And what are they going on recess? They have to go on recess in order to campaign. Not sure everyone on the road. I don't know. I it seems to me like they may delay until after the election. Our news time now six oh five U S Marines have landed on the North Carolina coast to help with rescue and relief efforts there on so county director of emergency services. Norman Bryson says the flooding in Jacksonville North Carolina's severe we have tremendous amount of storm surge and flooding has gone in around our county. We've actually hit hit record level flooding over twenty five twenty seven feet of flooding in our rivers least seventeen people have died as a result of this storm inland flooding also threatening several dams now, including one south of Fayette Ville, North Carolina. Another in northwestern Ashkenazi. President Trump's going to be sending a message to your cell phone on Thursday FEMA conducted test of his wireless emergency alert system. The gold warn residents of national emergencies and those messages. Be looking for them at one eighteen PM central time now despite the complaints of Trump critics this system is not political. It was authorized by congress in two thousand eight and began operating regionally and twenty twelve that would be under President Obama. Our news time right now, six oh, six everywhere. You look in Houston. Something is being built or renovated. It seems. But you know, many of those projects are slow to develop due to an ongoing shortage of skilled workers nationwide. Well, there's a condo complex across from our studios that feels like it's been under construction for years can Simonsen at the associated general contractors of America says part of that today is from Harvey people who had land to build a new home or maybe expand their business. Instead, they're having to replace what was lost or perhaps the company went out of business itself for lost its customer base figure issue. Those too many parents and schools discourage kids from entering the building trades industries. They tried to push everybody directly to college. And as a result. The number of people entering construction is not keeping up with the demand for workers. Just at a time. When so many more people are retiring says ninety percent of Houston contractors are hiring. But most cannot find anyone trained to do the job Nick rank NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h. Another survey confirms that the poorest Americans by the most lottery tickets bankratEcom. Amanda Dixon, says it might be a good idea to teach financial literacy in elementary schools financial literacy is an issue just across the country and not only for low income individuals, but for everyone so I think people could benefit from learning and learning how to manage their money better. Yeah. Dixon says their survey found that those making less than thirty thousand dollars a year spin the highest percentage of their income on things like the lottery. Starbucks and dining out our news time now six oh, eight Houston. Texans. Lost to their division rivals. Tennessee. Teams still looking at this score was twenty seventeen the team still looking for his first win of the years now and defensive back to Ron Matthew says it's put up or shut up time. We just disappointed, you know, what I mean got some adversity like I said, so I mean, I think these next few weeks of release Conatel kind of team we got Texans playing their first home game this Sunday against the New York Giants. Houston Astros, run two or three in their weekend series with the Diamondbacks including Sunday's five four final. Josh Rettig homering for the second straight game. The stroz have a four and a half game lead. Now in the American League West with the Seattle Mariners coming to town tonight..

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