President Trump, Michigan, Governor Whitner discussed on WBZ Morning News


The table, but that's still about $400 million less than what house Democrats are seeking and well above where Senate Republicans were willing to go. There's a bee sees Mary Bruce. There has been major whiplash from the president on this earlier in the week. He did say there would be no deal until after the election. But then he changed his tune, saying he wanted both sides to go big The reality here there is no compromise in sight. Even Republican leader Mitch McConnell said it is very unlikely that there will be a deal before the election, meaning millions of Americans. Hoping for relief from Washington are going to have to wait till it's Democrats passed a $2.2 trillion aid package. Last week, the Trump Administration countered with a $1.6 trillion plan. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected that as inadequate. Seven accused members of an extremist militia group among 13 the suspects in custody in an alleged plot against the governor of Michigan. And there is evidence that Two of those men were part of a raid on the state legislature in the spring. Here's NBC's Pierre Thomas photos confirming that some of the men charged an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, where President when demonstrators, some of them heavily armed storm the statehouse in April. Sources tell ABC News as suspects Michael and William No were among those at Michigan's capital that day. Armed and apparently angry into states locked down due to the pandemic. Authorities claim the two men served his lookouts, while other militia members took photos and video of the governor's vacation home with the gold to attack before Election Day. Governor Whitner has criticized President Trump for inciting The extremists. The president, countering that witness should thank him because federal authorities foiled the plot. A top official with the World Health Organization is urging countries not to impose total lockdowns despite an increase in cases of Corona virus. Dr Mike Ryan warns it could further delay progress We don't want to flip from, you know, no cases, everyone Everything's open a few cases, everything shuts down again because that's exactly the sort of scenario But we wanted to try and avoid Brian's warning. Coming days after the W H O said it's best estimate is that roughly one in 10 people worldwide may have been infected by covert 19th Paris Hilton, continuing her crusade against verbal, emotional and physical abuse similar to what She claims to have suffered at an exclusive boarding school. The socialite, joining several 100 protesters near the Provo Canyon School yesterday in Utah, hoping to shine a light on hundreds of troubled teen programs across the country, there is thousands of schools.

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