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Welcome to the WordPress photography podcast, the podcast for photographers who wanna learn how to get the most out of WordPress to grow their photography business. You don't need to be a geek to understand WordPress. Settled back and listen as we show you how. Now, here's your host, Scott widened kipah wits. Welcome to episode seventy four my name is Scott white and give wits, and I am your host of the word press photography podcast today is going to be a an episode where I basically answer a question that I've seen come up a few times since we're press five point. Oh has come out, basically. And by the way, pardon my voice. I am a little congested getting over a cold. Now the question is and this question came up again recently in the Facebook group that I run were press for photographers feel free to join by searching were press four photographers on Facebook. Now the question basically is about the that photographers have been. Clicking the preview link after creating a page or a blog post or something like that. And the preview would load and either what was edited on the page or post is not shoveling on preview or previews coming up white with nothing. And I in turn it looks like preview is broken. Now. Here's what happened preview with completely redesigned, code wise, when Gutenberg project Berg was included in WordPress. Five point, oh, the new block editor has a brand new preview function as well. So if you're noticing that preview is broken, and you are using press four point something, and you're using the Gutenberg plug in then just disable the Gutenberg plug in and try the the original preview the classic preview function. But if you're using we're press five point zero or above, and that means the new block editor is inside of. We're. It self. You can't just disable the block editor what you need to do is actually install the Plugin classic editor. And what that allows you to do is switch from the new editor the new block editor to the classic editor. And then when you switch you can then try the classic preview function, which is available when you're using the classic editor. And if that loads your updated content or is no longer white. That means that something on your site. Something some plugging or your theme is incompatible with the were press five point oh preview function. Which means you now need to figure out which it is. And you have to go through the sort of normal plugging in theme troubleshooting steps to quickly. Summarize that step those steps you have to temporarily change your team to see if your theme is the thing that's conflicting. And if it is you now know you need to address that. With your theme developer, or if it's not your theme. You then go and disable all of your plug ins and activate them one by one. And after you activate each one, your checking the preview function to see if that works, and if that works, you now know if it stops working when one of your plug ins is active you now know you need to contact that Plugin developer to figure out why there's a conflict between the two. And of course, if none of that is working contact your host and see if your host can help you troubleshoot what is actually breaking down in your preview functionality because maybe it to caching issue on your side. Maybe it's a server setting on your side. So as possible, it's always possible. So thank you for that question. Please keep your questions coming. If you've got a question you'd like answered on this podcast. Go to image dot com slash podcast flash. View to submit your question. Thank you for listening to this episode at a few in the next episode. You've been listening to the word press photography podcast to listen to other episodes, and to subscribe to the podcast, by tuned, Stitcher. Google plan more, please visit image -ly dot com. Forward slash podcast.

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