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For his second foul and Jason Richards is going to the line where he was four of five in the first half for Davidson there down nine but now they're down eight from Thurston C. Davison makes this referral whether they'll go back to the motel compressor that was so effective form in the first well he missed the free throw and the ball went out of bounds off can sag of an offer Davidson so we won't find out this time which is so important with regards really because it would take about three three fourths but it's made the mantis Matthews all the goods of the user it is fifty one forty three Gonzaga and now is bold and tries to work the offense files called on Davidson's Adam Richards well that's three on the head of the snake the man who operates the point for the Davidson Wildcats Jason Richards server for your computer the richest grounded about those coaches that love hello no I mean it was kind of those well you got to be kidding me love her against the inbounds pass sales will rebound mystic was mugged by park but no whistle you hear the Davidson fans reaction has been zagra brings up all the front court really love the film from the apartment we don't get excited about everything now the left hand corner the highveld back to Fargo three on the left perfect he's fired up it is verified that the technical term pretty soon because drugs are just pick it up a little bit more importantly they prefer the profits yes they are with an eleven point lead and now the curry on the left to the Keith kisses it off the glass and drew the foul what impressed you too because that is so much more liberal probably will have to step up to really get this thing going from Vegas yeah.

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