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Makes and models need collision repair. Call Berta Lucci, BodyShop. Now, trending on news, ninety three point one BK's sponsored by Audi rocklin special counsel, Robert Muller spoke just moments ago for the first time on his investigation into Russian meddling in the election. You heard it here. Live on KFI UK and on K K dot com. Muller urged Americans to pay attention to the portion of the report, detailing Russian meddling in the election said when it came to obstruction charging, the president was not an option under Justice department guidelines. We'll have more analysis of molar statement throughout the hour of the California homeless crisis, Leslie Silver is a clinical psychologist who runs her own private practice, who is producing a movie called sheltered mercy. She recently sat down with us to talk about her film, and how she believes we can solve the homeless crisis in California and silver told us that this movie has been a passion for hers for many years. How long have you been working on the documentary two and a half years thinking about it for over thirty for over thirty years? That's a long time. This is something that obviously, you've given a lot of thought to why. Well, because I've worked in the mental health Phil for over thirty years, and it's pretty clear that there are cracks in the system that don't work, and we keep dumping, a lot of money into a system that doesn't work, and there's a lot of people whose needs don't get met and the problem of homelessness, which is what my film is about grows every year for her film silvers interviewed a wide variety of people who are homeless from those who suffer from psychosis, and mental illness to moms who've taken their children to escape violent home. A truck driver has a fulltime job, no signs of drug or alcohol abuse and lives with his family in a van because they can't afford rent to governor Newsom and a host of political leaders. So there's a whole spectrum here and she's been searching for solutions to the homeless crisis. I wanna play for you right now Christina clip. This is from her film, with the president of Sacramento State, Robert Nelson, and he becomes emotional in this clip when he described how many students at his school are either homeless or. Or simply struggling just to make ends. Meet forty nine percent of our students come from families that are making under thirty eight thousand dollars a year, you cannot survive and feed, a family on thirty eight thousand dollars. I don't mean to put a guilt trip on anyone, but we have a moral obligation to help people. And if we don't accept that moral obligation who are we and you can hear it in his voice care. And you know this has been a discussion.

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