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So as a parent there's a lot of that back and forth. And that's the thing. You know, it used to be just kind of got what you got. Now, it seems like, you know, kids if they want to start driving. They're like what kind of like to have that. Or I want this or here's what I'm looking for. If safety is kind of your thing consumer reports always has the skinny on that in fact later today, they're gonna nounce their top car picks. We know that Subaru was chosen as the overall top brand, they say, they're no longer recommending the tesla model three or the Chrysler three hundred say those cars just aren't reliable declining reliability is what they say. But as far as specific cars of the Hyundai Kona the Subaru accent, and the w x five are right there and a handful of Toyota's as well. So if you're a consumer reports person, and you know, maybe you're thinking time the trade the car in or I want to look and see what the recommending keep your eyes and ears open because that info comes out in earnest later today US China trade reps meeting in Washington today. Trying to de-escalate trade war talk the president, even though you know, they've got March. I it's kind of a deadline. They wanna have things buttoned up. He says it's not a magical date, but trade officials have threatened to enact tariffs on China on that date if they don't get things worked out. So we're keep an eye on that. Pope Francis has gabbling to order a meeting today. Three o'clock, bishops other Catholic church leaders to talk about sex abuse by clergy specific purpose of the four day summit. They're going to talk about protection of minors. The pope is some in church leaders from one hundred plus comp countries and regions. He says he wants to drive home. The message of responsibility, transparency and accountability. And again, I know that's a big job. But accountability is seems to be the thing. They have the most problem with and that seems to be, you know, organization wide because you have problems at the parish level. But then when you know, people up the chain become aware of they just have shifted the people around and kept it, quiet. So that accountability they talk about it from a business perspective. You've got a you've got to own it. You've got to say we're changing here's what we're doing best practice wise, and then you have to be accountable moving forward. So he can get that done. That'd be a huge step for the Catholic church. We also know today a hearing scheduled for marine veteran US Coast Guard Lieutenant his name is Christopher Paul Hassen. He's being called a domestic terrorist is self identified white nationalist court records indicate he says I'm dreaming of a way to kill almost every person on earth. Authorities say they did find a stockpile of guns and ammo in his Maryland apartment. So we'll keep an ear..

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