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Some rain in the area a little bit, earlier wiles back tomorrow we'll. Do one show here in Chicago tomorrow a fly out to Bristol Connecticut will be his. PIN headquarters for Wednesday and Thursday where we're, filling in, on first so So you. Do watch I take make sure you watch it Wednesday and Thursday. You, don't watch it check out your local guys nine o'clock on ESPN the main channel Wednesday and Thursday we will be doing. Jordan was just asked me this during the. Break we will. Be doing our local show from Bristol Wednesday in Thursday's well we've really book some good. Guests to impersonation like we normally do. Some of our favorites. Lewis, radically no in-studio with us Hasselbeck Polian others other football. Guys are back so never been and. I imagine a lot of our listeners have never been on campus there in. Bristol what's that experience like walking around there, I think it's awesome I. It's it's it's a lot bigger than you probably think it reminds me of a junior. College Like a junior college campus it's not quite a cot like a major college but there are several. Different buildings and if you don't know your. Way around you're. Gonna get lost and they've continually added new buildings and new wings and then you also. Then there's like the centerpiece is like. The courtyard area and. That's, where, you see when you watch sports center a lot you know the cafe this ESPN cafe Like you're brushing shoulders like the commercial says like you're. Walking and see steel, like I was Like my pizza, last time they've. Got, they've got great food dirt pizza station over here. Chicken station over here a deli counter again it's all like..

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