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Our Top story California's second surge of the corona virus has resulted in a near doubling of weekly death. Since the spring almost one thousand fatalities occurred in the last week alone according to a Los Angeles Times data analysis and suburban agricultural areas that had been relatively spared during the first surge are now being ravaged. Overall. The greatest cause for concern is the central, valley in eight southern Central Valley counties weekly cove in nineteen deaths have jumped from about twenty week in April two nearly two hundred a week in the last two weeks the worsening death toll comes as the GARONA virus has spread rapidly among low wage essential workers in jobs such as agriculture and food processing. In Related News nearly sixteen thousand essential workers would not have contract at covid nineteen if California had stockpiled enough masks and other protective equipment that's according to a study released yesterday from the UC Berkeley. Labor Center. The study also found dozens of deaths of essential workers could have been prevented with adequate personal protective equipment. The study urges state officials to stockpile masks, gowns, gloves, and other women in the coming years to avoid such shortages. Also announced last month that stay would begin creating a stockpile of and ninety five respirators and surgical masks for the early fall for likely increase in cases of COVID nineteen. In other news, a new poll shows that a majority of Californians support sweeping reforms to law enforcement. The reforms include measures them would make it easier to prosecute ensue police officers limit the negotiating power of police unions and shift police funding, social workers, and mental health providers. The backing for such measures comes amid growing concern about race relations in the state though majority of respondents still express some satisfaction with their local police force it also comes as the La City Council recently cut one hundred and fifty million dollars from the budget of the Los Angeles Police Department. In Crime News, the financier who tipped off authorities about the college admission scam was sentenced yesterday to year in prison for selling stock at fraudulently inflated prices. US. District Judge Nathaniel M Gorton acknowledged Maury Tobin's extraordinary cooperation in the securities fraud case and the emissions case but the judge said he couldn't let Tobin avoid prison after trying to fleece investors fifteen million dollars while under investigation in two thousand and eighteen tobin told prosecutors and FBI agents that he was bribing a yell soccer coach to endorse his daughter's admission then alerted authorities to rick singers widespread scheme. And finally, Orange County supervisors have designated August twenty fourth. Be Brian Day the date was chosen for the to Jersey numbers eight and twenty four, the Lakers legend wore during his twenty year NBA. Career that date is also a day after Bryant's birthday, he would have been forty two this year Brian and his family lived in Newport Beach Orange County follows the Los Angeles. City Council which. The same date as Kobe Bryant. Day. In Two thousand and sixteen. The Board of Supervisors resolution also named the eight other people who died in a helicopter crash on January twenty sixth for these stories and more visit La Times Dot Com..

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