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Or if the driver of the truck knew the exhaust system sparked the fires were not. An investigator's declined to tell me any further details. Fires injured at least two firefighters and destroyed at least four homes and eight buildings. Steve Gregory Ko Phi News News Brought to you by MIKE Diamond. The smell good Plumber. California is developing a new laboratory reporting system for covert 19. Health and human services director Dr Mark Galley says. The change comes after a recent technical glitch in the current system led to more than 250 million unprocessed health records. We are putting in place. Urban press winery. We are putting in place new protocols and notification when any system changes. We're making upgrades to our servers to ensure that we have extra capacity, and we now have a redundant system to validate data, and Dr Galley says data flow has returned to normal. He expects the backlog of cases to be processed within two business days. He's confident the number of new Corona virus cases in the state is declining, based on a decreasing number of covert 19 patients. In California hospitals. Well, some businesses in L. A county have had a bad taste for covert 19 regulations. Urban press winery owner Giovanni Di Andria fought to have Bourbon close San Fernando Road to give restaurants more outdoor space city did and it immediately help. The bottom line was very close to being able to get back to the same revenues were before and after two good weeks, the county told him he had to shut down even though he was serving food. It was a winery. What is the difference with somebody serving a martini and a hamburger or somebody having a glass of wine with a cheese platter? Andres as the regs are unfairly killing an industry work, craft distillers, craft winemakers. Craft brews in Burbank, Christine Carle, Okay, fine news. Even the great pumpkin is being affected by the pandemic. The annual half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival has been cancelled because of the Corona virus pandemic. The festival is famous for its giant pumpkin competition every year. This is the first time the festival and the Pumpkin Festival parade has been canceled since it began in 1971. For pumpkin growers. There is still a chance to be a big winner. The biggest pumpkin contest will be held at a private location. The winner gets cash and bragging rights. Last year, A guy from Napa won first place for his £2175 Gord Aimee King Ko Phi News president. Trump is promising to provide Corona virus relief. We're going to enhance unemployment benefits through the end of the year. Trump did not say how much it would be. Democrats wanted to remain $600 a week, but Republicans have won 200. Trump also says he'll defer payroll tax until January. If no deal on a new bill is reached Student loan to be on hold as well and renters will be given more time to avoid eviction. Lebanese security forces are firing tear gas right now at protesters, those protesters throwing stones at cops, and they tried to reach the parliament area in downtown Beirut. Thousands of people had gone into Beirut's main square hanging of symbolic nooses that say officials should be here. And over this week's explosions that killed more than 150 people. Let's hit now into a stall on the 1 10 earthbound side at the 105 This is in Southland. This stall is blocking the left lane. Watch for some seven flowing and sweeping as your approach as you approach the area heading to Long Beach for five months, 7 10 There's a stop blocking the transition of the 7 10 north and the work zone slowing down in south all Monte 60 west found between the six or five infinitely three right lanes. Those are off limits till five AM Monday. Can't find the sky Help either. Faster. I'm soaring Crow. Sunshine in your forecast. Next. Here's something you never knew about credit.

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