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Yeah. Watching them grab it is interesting about all the different parenting through enough from having the big jungle bag full of you know diapers and bottles and pumps, and and. Carriers else like bats, the strollers and then. The you start graduating bicycles and everything else like that Indianapolis like their footprint gets bigger than eventually you know they're they're smaller ads. It's interesting high after manage the kids like through all the different phases with the debt priorities shifted slowly led to you get out of the army or would stories behind you deciding your time's up. Yeah. I just I knew that I like I had a really exciting job in the lifespan is to two maybe three years, and then after that job riding a desk for the rest of your career or you're doing, you're not having the same level of participation in what you're doing. Just. Don't WanNa spend as much time away from my family. If I really don't love my job committed to it that way so him to get out A. Get on with the rest of my life like my grandparents did my dad did. That after they got out of the army. How many years did you serve again? Sur, five years. So before we go forward, let's go back just a little bit further when you join the army, what were you looking for? What was griff looking for in life when he decided to raise his right hand? I won't be in Airborne Ranger live that life of guts in danger right like. A. Eighteen year old kid from Iowa from military family like I. wanted to go be an airborne ranger like. Cool job, that's what I wanted to do. There's a lot of people that joined out of that tradition, the Just want to go for the experience and the adrenaline rush of what you're feeling through all that. So that's when you got out. Did you struggle to take off the uniform? No, not really. Struggled to drop the mannerisms. Those are definitely hard especially if I always found it hard difficult when you were talking to another soldier a marine like they would turn back on like a light switch like you'd work. So hard to turn off, and then you talk to someone about military jargon you're like Bam, you're swearing again you're talking all randomness and Worked so hard to get that off this. Type. Of Environments that you work on your expectations of within the workforce in the group that used to working with I mean just imagine going from an elite team of being surrounded by one hundred army rangers Amnon clicking on the same vibe and like doing really dangerous for like being successful to going to sit at like corporate cubicle..

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