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Is the curse of the drinking class tragedy old he was one of the cried he was a regional he will be missed two basil go go sa'z all basil gogel's eighty eight years old he painted penetrating and chilling color portrait's of movie monsters oh like dracula now c c festus what i wanted was actually an example of his pictures paintings not a picture of him should have been more specific about their suv you can grab one and put it up there really quick linda to be his wife and immediate survivor only leaves survivors of the cause was coronary mr gogos produce dozens of covers for the horror magazine famous moans yes of film i was just gonna say that's that's where i've seen these he's paintings when you see them mule his creature from the black lagoon is especially good thought when you want freeman oh absolutely i come your house these are a very i love the one mirror who is that is that sarah using c o that's forest ackerman amount one there he's the did a portrait of forestry acrimony which is really a great but he his uh he's got a couple of frankenstein inner just great but yeah you've seen the ec this guy's work yeah he he's mr gollnisch nineteen sixty nine portrait of frankenstein's monster as pay play by boris karloff his eyes or downcast and his demeanor is sorrowful it's it's it's almost drink is the ads are tragic looking at yes of the background dramatically illuminated by a single glowing keren ill their excellent six dot com slash cory lining yeah i mean he was he was it was a good artist and these are iconic of representations of famous monsters look up his images or even do herman munster oldest of what am i just tweet a link to this story his name is.

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