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Marvin. You and i'm rerun new and we are here today with another great author interview This time with emiko. Gene the author of tokyo ever after as well as empress reasons and we'll never be apart After just came out a month ago or two months ago became outta may and was a book club. Pick for book club The book club reese witherspoon. Yeah we had a great time china. We've had a lot of really great author. Levi's these past few weeks and i gotta say this was a fun like you know. Before this one we read a thriller and it was really great to kind of have a pow cleanser with a nice fluffy rahm rongkang like a princess diaries. It's a very comedic story with lots of glitz and glamor and of course like court drama and a little bit of like mean girls young. You've ever watched the movie. What a girl wants with. Amanda binds and colin. I you can expect something along those lines. Asian which is which is which is great So for those of you who are unfamiliar with the story of tokyo ever after it tells the story of using to nocco who is an all american. It tells the story of Tanaka who is japanese american living in a small mostly white northern california town. She's raised by a single mother. Who is a professor of botany and she has never known her father but one day through a series of circumstances she discovers her father's identity and he turns out to be none other than the crown prince of japan which means ismi is literally a princess so she finds out a way to connect with her father and she travels to japan and it is a country that she's always dreamed of going but obviously being a princess is all ballgowns and tiaras. There's a lot of expectations of course a succession drama. Paparazzi mean conniving cousins and a really hot bodyguard. That might you know. Be her soulmate. You know the the works you know. I haven't watched the princess diaries until this year when my girlfriend maybe with her but I can see the appeal in the definitely. I think for all of the you know. Asian american kids who watched that movie kind of wanting to relate but wanting to rely a little more think. This story is for them. I wanna see the movie. I in the story. I think that yeah. Yeah definitely i mean. I love the idea of modern royalty and we see it a lot in european royalty A lot of books about The american girl who hooks up with the prince and then she has to learn how to deal with the laws So this different. Take on the story. And it's nice to see our own culture and tradition being a you know the star of the story. And i don't know i just like really i just really like the trope of Forgotten princess has suddenly learn how it'd be a princess. It's it's just fun. And i'm really glad that we got to read this..

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