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Church um you know the credibly the church i think is a rodent enormously over last year because of the political positions that they've taken i think you know yes in theory churches and religious institutions should be a corrective to loneliness but we can't wish away the things that push so many and particularly so many young people away from those institutions we have to address that yeah we can't turn back the clock we have to look at what people are searching and seeking for now i do think there can be solutions in our culture at in community i you know that we need to look too but we have to address the populations that we face not kind of uh y'all look back to an earlier in the cub dewyeyed way to an earlier time where people uh it a huge toward different kinds of institutions for well you know reasons and rationales that aren't necessarily compelling today okay no more dewy eyed backwardlooking this if you would have been converted people who have every right to be skeptical of our institutions i worked for 25 years for the catholic bishops at a time when they were facilitating a horrible scandal in the last week few weeks rodger ales bill o'reilly to morning talk show host to people from npr and for god's sakes lake bull begun uh have been fired for their behaviour towards women so john carr from georgetown university up let me give you an example i think of the failure of our institutions and i'll be quick i've worked a good part of my life from the child tax credit the child tax credit in the senate bill will be increased to two thousand dollars it will not help people who make less than thirty thousand dollars because waves constructed they'll get seventy five dollars or less those children it now goes up to five hundred thousand dollars in income so somebody makes 500 we'll get four thousand hours of help the republicans designed this senator rubio and senator we have tried to fix it by saying let's give let's take two percent of the eighteen percent reduction in corporate income taxes to pay for this and the president oppose that today and guess what you can watch cnn nbc msnbc anything but the new york times and the washington post on page six two pine any description of how the child tax.

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