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Five yard line. Put a great job of saving little one sideline for that young quarterback trevor lawrence. Right here watch how he straighten. Backup right here. You know a little push but that was just kind of always call when michael our local. That's a lot of separation. That's a lot of separation between calvin joseph and his man We will have a highlights video drops here on youtube channel on monday. We'll talk about that play a little bit more. Unfortunately just not a great day for college defensive backs cowboys corners and look. It's not every day is going to be great. If you've arrived late we do get into winners. Losers honorable mentions on the post game show. What's up joe joe. This blog on the boy is the best oscars website on the internet. And the world. really Please do subscribe to. The channel are winners. So far eric gilbert in the like most bare bone sense of being a winner. Rondo carter is removed. Cuomo losers cooper rush and sean right kelvin joseph. It is now time for honorable. Mentions i told you that we had four james by the way i am not surprised at some of our fan base is overreacting. Yeah look this game sucked. i mean. but it's okay. You know the cowboys reserves against some jacksonville starters. It's all good you know. This doesn't necessarily indicative of terrible doesn't mean the couch is going to be awful. This proved that the cowboys are going to be trashes. Your it's just whatever it is what it is would. We have liked it to be better. Of course obviously. But it's not the end of the world but honorable mention style if you have any honorable. Mentions for this game. Let us know christopher lopez lucas effort on our mentioned. I liked that luca for nice moment Late in the game. Certainly if you were still watching to a lot of people checked out mess making his debut fiji tours going on lots of other stuff to demand your attention. I understand But luca for played. Well i thought late in the game. We'll see. I think luke gifford has really benefited from francis bernard's his status and luke gifford my ultimately make the team as a result of its alcee ultimately. What happens here. Timothy williams says djibril cox the broadcast watch the local broadcast and now we have a lot of people everywhere and international fans and maybe watch the nfl network broadcast and depending on what you saw my point but the cowboys home broadcast bill. Jones in code did have djibril kocsis their defensive player of the game. I do not have the book on my list. I did try to kind of look. Look a little bit elsewhere for this winter. Susan mentioned. We've talked a lot about your book cox. And i don't mean it ought to highlight how great he played broke. Hawks probably maybe arguably had the best game of anybody in this particular context but we've given him enough laps. I was just trying to trying to look under some different rocks. And so in that sense honorable mention isaac allergan whose mom was fantastic last week on hard knocks we will have a hard knocks livestream again on tuesday by looks fine and i think isaac is another practice squad candidate this year and so and he is on the practice squad. He won't take away from or he won't count against the cowboys practice squad. Nfl rules dictate. That teams can only have sixteen players on it but because he is part of the nfl's international pathway program. he can be a seventeenth player. That was the rule last year. He has one more year of exemption there So it does seem like that could be the plan for him. But i thought isaac played fine that he was solid. Nothing to really freak out about john. The grace dot for neon looked really. Good yeah matt has played okay. You know certainly the cow. We start option at center. Originally when they started connor williams was a good play in there. i do. We're see the cowboys. Cut some guys. Waves some guys that they're going to bring back. That's how this works if you're new to this. That's how they will work. There will be some names were they move on from that. They are strategic about. They're going to cut and wave. Some guys whom they believe will not get touched by other teams. And i think that matt's in that camp. I think they want on this roster but i think they have a lot of hoops to kind of you know wiggle through or a lot of whatever. Needles thread lines to thread. Whatever the expressionist. And so i think that the cowboys might view as expendable and someone whom they're fine risking in assuming he is untouched by all. Nfl teams the cowboys can ultimately bring him back. After everything happens that daddy mentions honorable. Mention the puncher. We have not talked about this thing on the channel but there are rumors swirling and this is a little bit of a preview for my own to determine ostra prediction about johnny hecker. Jonny hecker is probably out as the rams punter longtime rams punter longtime john fossil disciple and so if johnny hecker is out as the rams punter bryan anger. Don't get me wrong and brian anger. If you have ever heard the phrase punters or people to the rich eisen coin it was him. It was him being ironically by the jacksonville. Jaguars when rich eisen said during the nfl draft. But it does seem like johnny hecker could be a path that the cowboys choose to pursue in this particular moment intact but whatever anyway. Animal mentioned isaac alarcon honorable mention. Aaron parker if you catch a touchdown you're going to be on a bench. That's that's just kind of the way this works here. Speaking of aaron parker We have two angles. So get ready for some aaron parker heights. We'll get the food..

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