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I think it was something that i had to learn. You know what i mean. Yeah i think that energy put it out there and it's coming back. Yeah i just felt like you know regardless of you know if those that got caught those that admit the whatever the case may be you know what i'm saying to you you know they're like i don't know i don't i you know i didn't get labeled as all you look like a cheater so it was like you know i don't know and it's like it's a subject that like no i felt like even if i was to say. Oh yeah like cheater. What i'm saying saying is my accountability needed to have it for everybody else. Saying women are really get called for women. It's a more emotional. I think than it is for men just in it for the quick boom. I want to do what i wanna do. But women it's always there's emotions attached it gets messy. But i mean look we talk about men and women. We may have babies. I feel like it's just so easy for men to cheat though. It's just like the no brainer. But like at the but some of the things that i've learned i'm blown. I was looking at the mechanism. Ma'am i at the end of the day. Boys related in us right now. So look i'm gonna put as a holiday. Do i'm gonna give you one piece of free game. Regain it okay. I saw this on facebook. And i almost died so when you cheat. You put the person's name as settings in your phone so that when it comes up as a first of all time before you could tell you. I don't need advice to cheat maybe here. Yeah yeah but i love you. I'm not taking this advice. Seizes informing us because it's ladies night and that sounded like a trick question. I don't want that game shutout simister new money new money mr new money later totally totally. Tell it yes. Are we going to tell mr new money from sending everybody. I'll tell you later. Tony's be bussing because they ain't paying me. I really money. Tell mr no money down there and giving them so i mean you just gotta get some but you you clearly miss the the music scene. I do on a more live aspect as understandable but as artists like we do too but like it's no different from madison not being pro hip hop. I know i know i'll tell you. Elevate them mind. You walk and talk at different. And i'm i'm cool with people not understanding what i say. Okay mr not as go okay. Definitely check shot up af gm studios hopefully will be opened by the first of the year. swell son sitting on wishes. Yes i'm sending often it up people in the community madison bill. You know what i'm saying especially for your culture do something to give back. Do something to to the legacy of who you are what you want to give back. I mean we got a bill you know but lost reading and all right now Shadow to dj fusion shot out the chaos autumn. Everybody they got That christmas going thing going on right now where there have the family submitting stuff. That's so dope so excited for them to do that. Can't always does something for the community. Like back to school gives out school supplies to kids the kids l. for doing that for christmas for these kids because these kids are using lane. Where you've been where you evolved in showing the people that you've evolved and building the chew come back people decide anything but it's actions what you doing. I can honestly say sisley seeing you whether it's musically or just community wise you you here locally you know facebook whatever you know picture take facebook as what did it is but i mean it's a platform if if if your friends list is people based off people that you wanted to surround yourself by then you're going to see that consistent basis so i you know you see the bs on the time line but like i mean i was good without that a we gotta keep it interesting. I mean get it. But like i mean definitely shut up to the people. That's already been doing it before the pandemic you know that was the root of the surrounding of wideness started. Or whether you're still hanging is definitely could've walked away by now because the local mom and pop shops has been here for years. That never really did all the great renovations but like why do we like that. It was the printing is if you know you gotta understand just trying to do that again. I'm just trying to deal with you know giving up. Hey shadow marcus. Puerto will pay her settled safe. Travels my guy yes safe travels. All one is leaving about week. I mean on the swear told them. I'm not a jealous person about vacation. I get jealous. Oh shoot travel sized travel. I'm looking on the club. Msci what's up is bustling tonight about these clue in my mind is club twenty two. Look it's a whole lot of people that see we. We all six feet you know like is good. We have massive. Were being the right way. Our is shadows cove. Kovin go definitely a house i hate. I hate wearing this mask. it makes. My skin breakout so now. I have acne. That i've never had in my whole entire life but i think i have a latex allergy. Funny repeat it. Oh rewind rewind happy face just hush puppy mr after that part what did you say i right love angle. I did not hear that. I'm sorry i say don't just jagged. Sometimes we don't understand you always get the last day. But i didn't do nothing what you need to stay in the house. They'll go no stay now says no fun. Those drive me nuts. Okay so okay. If the kids drive you nuts. Is there anything that you could do. A gravy and another grandbaby. That's due in two months. So i got a little old for that because this is why this is why i don't need to come out the house. There's always a houseful of people..

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