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I had just had two hundred ten pounds back a week four days ahead of Halloween and it suddenly occurs to me. I'm I don't have to be on a diet anymore. Yeah. You'd hit your target weight. I'd hit my target weight. And. So there in the hotel in the room was the minibar. Oh, my God fill you, you better believe I did whole hell, yeah. I did. I tore into the cookies the famous Amos they had those little tiny Snickers. They had it all man, and they had chips, and then I ordered room service. And then you've got right back up to two hundred ninety pounds. No, I did not. But I will tell you this. And this is something to keep in mind. If you are losing weight most everybody that goes on a diet gains, the weight back, and that's because it takes experience to lose weight and to keep it off. I've done it. Once I now know how to do it, and I will share that with you if you'd like I'm not going to do right now. So forget it. I'll share it with you guys as we sort of move along here in our time together, but. What happened to me back in two thousand twelve I just turned six. Oh, I just turned the big six, Jim. And you are thinking that you were you were dying. No, I did not what the hell kind of thing. Is that to say you wanted to stay healthy? Yes. I wanna stay healthy. But I also wanted to enjoy my life. So Phil, you don't see this, folks. If you don't have the video cast, Phyllis almost undressing almost taking his shirt off. He's so in love with his body tucked. She's oh, yeah. That's it. We are talking about losing weight. I just want to check myself the video cast it's hot goddamn. And that's why I'm taking my I'm not taking my shirt off on buttoning. It. So what hold on? What are you looking at general? I was looking to see if you were going to start you do it all the time popping at top button. Oh my God. I'm not saying anything come on, Margaret. He's not talking about anything that you when you get hot you start taking buttons apart. What are you talking? And that I that opening salvo BBB Phil I really believe the weight loss the heat brea, everything put the end the cold everything put together has grown a tumor somewhere in the front lobe of your. Thing brain nut thing as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. So I'm losing this weight. I start eating and what happens is. You don't really know. How to keep it off? You took it off. And it's off and your two hundred and ten that's buy target weight. And no you're putting it back on again. You look at the scale to sixteen to twenty well and what utilities as well. I'll I'll diet it off. But you don't really you don't you don't have any game plan. And you gotta have a plan in place that basically says for the rest of my life. I'm going to be watching calories or however, you do it for the rest of my life for most of the days of my life. I'm going to be counting those calories, and I'll give myself a break on weekends. When I found out my experience was that. I did most of the funding on the weekends. Well, yeah. Of course, you're going to barbecue. You went out to dinner. Yeah. Yeah. And. Eating ice cream, whatever watching movies, you ought to be doing all that during the week is when you exercise, and when you keep the calorie count down, and when you do all the sensible things, and that's what my plan is as soon as I get the damn weight off now other than the fact, I know that I'll do it Phil got a hold of a bag of these reese's pieces. The other day, I've been told that Phil was told that if you sort of go off your diet every now again, it's good watching you basically fill chef that stuff in your face. I wanted to we I want. I don't know. I wanted to weep like a grandmother. I didn't know what I wanted to do just what you wanted to so everyone here wants to die that Margaret ULA. One point not everyone's damn misteps. I'm saying you looked really pathetic shoveling that stuff back..

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