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Of those seriously ill Houston police chief art Acevedo telling our TV partner channel to that three of his officers have also tested positive what was the deal with the consumer which is a person with mental health issues and we had a restroom policy can the close contact the officers when they thought they were exposed they were actually sent directly home drive through testing continuing in Harris County for those who show symptoms now officials in fort bend county say they do expect to start doing the same drive through later this week different location but the same thing Florida does not have any state given quarantine orders and that is attracting tourists to the state but they're still advising social distancing Florida has no shelter in place orders safer ones enacted by towns and counties and the governor says it's okay for people keeping their distance to visit the beach that is much different than doing a Jello shot off somebody's stomach and we're not tolerating that and we told them that the party was over but governor Ron DeSantis is worried about continued flights to Florida from New York and New Jersey where the virus is spreading and people are leaving to avoid the stay at home command Florida will now send flyers from the New York airports to quarantine for two weeks in Miami Evan brown fox news I thank Jello shots are kind of old fashioned you kind of look like you were having a moment there were you referring back to your old miss in our young people today don't do anything that older people ever did I think I think hello shots are still in seems to be multi generational and I I don't even use words like that anymore nobody's hip governors in fifteen states have issued stay at home orders by the way seven states made does that declarations just yesterday those two trillion dollar corona virus relief bill in the Senate it's been slammed down by the Democrats but the trump administration's leading go shader offering some optimism to S. boxes Kevin Corke with more listen it's got to be encouraging when you hear the treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin say yeah I think we're very close to a deal that would be following hours of intense negotiations over on the hill with the Senate minority leader that would be Chuck Schumer of New York that over the fate of the corona virus stimulus package part of the problem being that Democrats have a pretty significant wishlist and we're talking about billions for things that don't have anything to do with corona virus like expanded tax credits for wind and solar power increased leverage for labor unions same day voter registration reduction in airline carbon emissions diversity requirements for companies that receive federal aid yeah park Houston congressman Dan Shinn Crenshaw reacted to the Democrats bill on Twitter saying quote you literally stopped a good bill because they didn't have enough red tape that quote it didn't have enough red tape you hate American businesses so much that you would sacrifice our economy out of pure contempt end quote thank you congressman Crenshaw our news time five thirty six temperatures are gonna climb here as the week goes on leading to hopes it heat and sunshine will help stem the spread of this virus infectious disease expert Dr Edward rinse Amer of the international medicine center admits that UV rays.

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