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Brian Calvert with the state lawmaker vying to become your kid's hero by taking a lemon and making some lemonade legal five seven thirty four another traffic update now with Kira Jordan okay we're going to start with good news in ever it looks like our eastbound lanes of U. S. to have now been re open it homemakers for a long time we had a truck that lost its container on the roadway and it was blocking self all lanes he's found to have been re opened up but what this is done it's pushed a lot of extra traffic on to bowl River Road because that became our alternate routes with the big back up there west bound to it's been very distracted so you're stacked up from highway nine and we've been seeing big delays on two oh four on twentieth on sunny side as well so a lot of recovery work that we need to do there also good news around the mall be area a crash that was blocking all eastbound lanes of five two to hear this now miss rivers now been cleared out of your way we now have to clear about a mile and a half back up a crash northbound five oh nine approaching Cloverdale been moved over to the shoulder unfortunately you're fighting your way from five eighteen a long term crash on the shoulder westbound five twelve near still street now completely gone but I will tell you that much of that westbound drive is going to be slow from the mall with areas of clearing along the way we still have a crash in Marysville northbound I. five your state route five to eight blocking two right lanes we had an earlier crash south on I five near the west Seattle bridge and that drive is now have the all the way from four oh five to the west Seattle bridge our next caller traffic at seven forty four only mention the rising rivers and the rain is going to continue windy today as well gust to forty miles an hour hi in the low fifties rainy and breezy tomorrow mid forties chance of rain Thursday morning maybe a few snow flakes but that'll change to rain more rain on Friday right now in downtown Seattle showers and fifty one if you're curious about the mountains this morning it's raining and it's thirty six degrees at the summit over Snoqualmie pass no problem driving their Stevens pass traction.

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