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No secret in during a with law then I met Melanie as at a time when the best to green that a girl could have was not her BA or JD it was her MRS money was the most unusual fellow I've said many times he was the only boy that every new up till that time who cares that I had a brain and we met under the best circumstances Marty had a girlfriend at Smith College and I had a boyfriend at Columbia Law School and our friends so it was a long cold winters no we were going to use is the best of friends of ever I wanted to go to the movies alkaline as or we often went to the college spot to gather this to talk about anything and everything but the thing about money it was city and such confidence in himself it was very comfortable with who he was and he never regarded me as any kind of a read on hi Kerry M. monitor that I must be really special and he wanted to spend his life with me so no same issues he was always my biggest booster so did you negotiate divisions of labor at home and around the family the him knowing knowing there though she Asians but we just and did what needed to be done and at different times hi Karen the labor in or at home and Marty was determined to become a partner in his girlfriend of five years which he did and so during those years in most of the childcare and that continued until he did make part and then it switched when the women's movement came alive at the end of the sixties and money realize that what I was doing was very important so he took on more of the homework than he had before I was in the town to face and the kitchen at an earlier.

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