Bizet, NRA, Dean discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Situations like happened in the school you wouldn't be putting the onus on teachers who would have to be trained for it uh it's an idea at least and it may be worth trying it's going to be automatically rejected by people wanna keep and guns but i have ring in a in appealed to me much more than having teachers me the people carrying the burden of this i i agree with you i think that you really do need have professionals uh you know because they're you know they're trained in as an and when when it really comes to a an emerging situation they're the ones at least have had to experience with that and and uh some and i think that i think that's a really good idea a retired police officers uh and and uh uh and and also you know i think it's just keita reduce the access points to the school on uh on the on the teacher bizet's i've i've made no secret the fact that i am four personnel in schools that are carrying guns concealed carry whatever i have never then a a a loud voice for those people being teachers i think some could be if they can pass tests and so forth but the idea that teachers should carry the burden i'm not crazy they should give them some additional pay but you there's no reason you can't have professionally trained armed security in there but don't look like security there plainclothes and they're just suits they're walking around nobody knows are they really are the pass of office as as members of the administrative staff or what have you been that their bear and an purpose would know they're there wouldn't know who they are wouldn't know where they are but with no other there some deterrence in that look before you go i have to run something by you i saw you know i read a lot of tech blogs and the tech blogs all they all hate the nra they all i mean they're just they're perfectly they're just perfect leftists and one of the went out and found a trauma surgeon who said the reason we've got to stop the a rv dean is a pistol fired through a liver or kidney weaken save the oregon but an a rvd in obliterates the oregon and.

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