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Hundred. It six starting outing out You actually began trading on the floor of the life exchange London. Emma correct. That's correct. Yeah I I studied invested in London and Economics and then one evening I saw an ad for trading derivatives traders and the tea and knowing very little about it I applied right for it and the shift. Matt's questions rapid five or sort of three sets of interviews and next thing I know it was standing in the middle of a lifelong when Sunday morning. So who was that. That which you working for yes so. In the original options trading business was dominated by independent Trading trading businesses and there were three main ones at the time And they were a phone call to O'Connor associates which became Swiss banks. UBS as this derivatives arms there was a phone cold Chicago recession trading which became the derivatives arms of Bank of America and the third one was the firm that I joined Cole Cooper Naff half and associates which became the derives arm of BNP back national. PYRO PA KA and what we trading once he came onto lawf- breath so you start by being a clerk like you do on the called the CME CBOT. And I was a clerk on the gill option guilty. confucious government bond futures pit and then my first trading rose. Junior trader was in the Footsteps Hundred Index options pit. I okay so the index today operating in slightly different ways. I imagine AC- There'd be different nuances between trading bonds and then chiding an equity index wchs. Yeah this is one of the kind of interesting questions and points about options tradings. Actually but I would say about eighty percent of options tradings uniform around around irrespective of the product trait and that's because they're very complex product or trade and handle and manage and so that skill set sits independently handedly off the underlying and I will say the other twenty percent also would be kind of specialised products kill so so if you swapped which affects bombs fixed income equities you. Are you know you are learning about the new on the lying but your fundamental skill set. It's transportable which interestingly Sali's probably the other way around normal futures trading because if you like yourself big equity trader I gave you a a I would say. Hey Ira and he is the you know the list of drop down. Trading connections to fifty largest government bonds are that you'd be like what is this in a way that makes sense to me whereas an option guy can easily pollinate across different asset classes. And what was.

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