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Dot com. A retirement planning is a huge, big important deal. You don't need to go it alone. Just call for 10 to 66 11. 20 Naevia. Riley update Message of the day. Some Americans, as you know, are very angry about all the restrictions surrounding called it. The debate is ongoing. Here's a look at what is happening right at this moment. Down south in Alabama, there's a mask mandate that requires face coverings to be worn at all times on unless you can social distance. Well, Isn't that a pretty big unless? Yes, it is. But In Alabama. If you go on public transportation, if you go to the mall to the grocery store, you have to wear a mask. And if you don't you could be fined or thrown out of the bus or whatever. In California Governor Newsome announcing and who stay at home order. We're all non essential workers in some places, a curfew. Requires residents to remain at home between 10 P.m. and 5 A.m. until December. 21st. California is and has been the most Milton place for covert restrictions. But to be honest, they have not helped very much have they In Iowa Governor Reynolds declaring that all folks must wear mass went in indoor spaces. Everybody gotta wear mask. Once you open the door and set foot in a place with a roof on it. In Kentucky schools are now closed for in person instruction. Indoor dining closed. And Kentucky is really getting hit hard. Michigan, the very controversial governor Whitmer as ordered high schools and colleges to stop in person classes. She's closed restaurants to endure dining and suspended organized sports, which include the football playoffs. Governor Wittmer believes very much and restrictions She seems to like them. Governor SIS. A lack in Nevada has issued a statewide pause for three weeks. You order says restaurants, bars, gaming establishments, gyms. And other businesses will be limited to 25% capacity. But who decides that? Who's counting? This is more for show than anything else in Nevada. In New York deputy sheriffs will implement quarantine checkpoints and vehicle stops at key bridges and crossings, including the Lincoln and Holland tunnels. That means you could be pulled over your license will be checked. And if you are out of state in New York You'll be ordered to stay inside for two weeks. Of course, who will enforce that order. No. One In North Dakota, mandatory statewide masks until December, 13th Oversees. The news is that Sweden, which resisted all restrictions, you remember that has now banned public gatherings of more than eight Country, also banning the sale of alcohol and bars, restaurants and nightclubs after 10 p.m.. And high schools are now closed in Sweden. So swinging, which tried to tough it out. Has reversed. So I see the entire thing. Master needed inside. If you go into an establishment, you've gotta wear masks. You just have to All right outside. Not so much, but don't go into any crowds. I don't think there should be curfews. But I understand the spread of Cove. It is largely because people are getting drunk. And that is a huge problem. I'm Bill O'Reilly approved a message by writing it in a moment, something you might Not know Investors. Are you seeking steady cash flow ready to diversify? Have you considered a proven real estate investment fund and R I A is one of the nation's leading realty.

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