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City Council should be fun SPD and, AH lot of the council members listen to this group, and that's why it's significant and newsworthy that we thought we'd listen in to see what they're talking about in terms of their teaching today. Because they are taking the council members are kind of taking a lead from this group. And today the count the group so that you know it's going to be unrealistic to ask for a 50% cut in STDs budget for the remainder of the year immediately. Maybe next year in 2021. That's a good goal the shoot for But let's be realistic. So today they came out and said, We'd like to see a integrated cut more like 12 purse 12% per month. For the last four months of the year, which is about 48% reaching eventually. The goal by the end of the year of having a 50% cut Nspd not now they're not saying what should be cut other than the money that's being cut. To go to community groups and community services, and their belief is that we support the community with some of the needs that they need to survive. There wouldn't be the crime. Created that the police would respond to. So that's the logic of that thinking. Met. Have we been able to determine if the mayor's office would be okay with the 12% cut? Is that MME or in line with what Mayor Jenny Durkan is comfortable with. Oh, not at all. She is proposing a 5% cut for the remainder of the year. Which is about $20 million cut and we talked about 12%. You know you're talking north of $40 million every month. Added to that will be one month me 40 million next month 80 And so on. So the mayor is proposing just a $20 million cut for the remainder of this year, and it's and it's kind of Ah, just a reduction of what she couldn't have more control over. Now. She's talking about a 20% cut for 2021 that's the revamping of the 9 11 system and putting it under Four civilian control coming out over time and moving, Let's say parking enforcement officers into the offices of the Seattle Department of Transportation so they would have control of the parking People issue the parking tickets. We're going to establish control and no longer be controlled by the police department. So that's what the mayor's proposing. We have not heard from the council at all. On what kind of cut they went for the remainder of the year. Let alone 2021 there, not even thinking that far right now, so the mayor's already way ahead next year. We're hoping to hear from the council tomorrow, maybe some indication what kind of cuts are thinking about this year? Should be fun SPD and quickly before we let you go, Matt Markovich. You and I both got emails today from the downtown Seattle Association, and they seem to be saying to the council. Whoa! Hang on. Let's take a close. Look, Let's not do this too quickly. Yeah. The groups of a lot of business groups put out a group E mail today. The major business organizations throughout downtown and going into the suburb areas put out an email saying, You know what counsel we're going to go into our communities and start asking questions. What our community members one Because we don't think what's happening is being is responsible and that there's no plan. Think everybody's asking for a plan, including the business is the mayor's asking City Council for a plan and we may get some inkling about what could be in that plan tomorrow. All right. We'll be listening for that. Thank you. That's comas. Matt Markovitz still to come on coma changing the way we look at police in this country. I'm Siro marrow with that and other topics discussed by Congresswoman Pramila Jaipal in a new book. The Sounders in jeopardy of an early exit from the MLS, his back soccer tournament more from comas Bill Schwartz of the Harley Exterior Sports desk. Maybe it was the 6 a.m. Pacific time kick off the heat or the bubble isolation in Orlando, Seattle with a couple of crucial defensive mistakes, which led to easy Chicago fire goals with.

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