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Coverage begins on ESPN and ESPN radio and boy What an exciting draft. This is going to be, especially as it pertains to the top 10 picks and Amber. We know a couple of things from free agency. Sam Darnell's, of course, is now a Carolina Panther and I want to start by just mentioning this at the top because I think it could have ramifications for those behind the Panthers. They're currently slated to pick in the first round at number eight overall. Now general managers got Fitterer said yesterday that the team won't decide on Donald's fifth year option for the 2022 season until after the 2021 NFL draft. Now I say that because That puts in just a little shadow of a doubt of okay if they're gonna wait to pick up his option or not, which is which is fair. A lot of people. You don't have to decide until the beginning of May. If you're gonna pick up Ah, players option or not. Just in the back of your mind makes you wonder. Is there any possibility the Panthers could actually select a QB? We We've talked about this draft class. How talented these guys are. Surely not all of them are gonna be phenomenal. Long term NFL quarterback. Somebody's going to be a bust. But I'm not saying the Panthers. You're going to take a quarterback. I don't think that's necessary at this point after what they've given up to get Sam Donald there, but it's just raised some eyebrows of is that a possibility that the Panthers would consider it. If that's the case. It makes number seven, which currently is held by the Detroit lines that much more of a coveted pick. Which leads me to my question. If you circle the Detroit's pick right now, is that what the New England Patriots are eyeing? And are they going to call the Lions and say, Hey, We want to move up. You guys need to stockpile picks. Let us come up and get a quarterback. What say you? Well, first of all, I don't think you make the trade that the Panthers made even though I understand they bought low on Donald. But you don't make that trade. If you're then going to draft a quarterback, I don't see how that makes any sense. I think what you do is you don't pick up his option until after the draft, cause you're hoping That teams like maybe the New England Patriots get fearful that you are considering Ah, quarterback, And so maybe they would even try to make you an offer And obviously them applying. The strategy does probably work out well for the Lions in terms of fielding offers as well, However, we're talking Patriots here, Katie. I mean the Patriots in the Bill Belichick. Error. They've done 14 trades I believe spent a lot of have involved moving up and down in the first round, however. None of them have seen Bill Belichick move up into the top 10. In fact, Patris haven't traded up into the top 10 since 1984. I believe it is. So that's not something that the New England Patriots typically Diogo. I don't know what the Patriots are going to do in this draft. I think of the Patriots are interested in a quarterback, though there are quarterbacks that they could take. Where they're currently slated at 15. I mean, I understand that we're always talking about the big what, four or five quarterbacks if you want to add Mack Jones to that list, but we mentioned it earlier, and I mentioned it all affair. Kyle Trask. He's somebody who allegedly the Patriots have been searing in on and spending some time. We know that they got one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Certainly not in the first round on your music around. Not even the third. So maybe Bill thinks that he can get some of that magic back. Where? Yeah, He's not gonna wait until the fifth round of the draft kind of thing. But maybe he could take a Kyle Trask at 15th. Or maybe a Mack Jones falls to him there and he can still take a quarterback. I don't see the New England Patriots trading up with the lines or the Panthers, or, frankly, anybody slated that high in the draft. To draft a quarterback. I just don't feel like that The Patriots are going to make that move. I don't know if I have a really good reason for it other than the Patriots don't do that. But the majors will do that, Katie, they don't I think the only way they do that is, say somebody in the top four of the quarterbacks false Isn't selected, say Justin Fields is still on the board when the Detroit Lions are on the clock. That's when I could see them picking up the phone. I don't know if they pick up the phone if we've seen Trevor Lawrence, Zack Wilson, Trey lands and Justin Fields all come off the board. Would they make that move for Mack Jones? I have a hard time seeing it, but it's a Justin Fields is still on the board. I could see them picking up the phone and doing something that they rarely Dios. Here's Mike Tannenbaum, ESPN NFL Front office insider on what the Patriots should do if they're willing to move up. It's the Patriots, the Patriots of the Patriots. How can you go through an off season like they've done where they've greatly improve their team been uncharacteristically aggressive, made massive improvements as they get within shouting distance of Ah! First round pick to get up to let's say eight to go, and my suggestion today was go from 15, a for next year's one. Carolina has CME Donald. They gave up a two or four next year for Donald. They'd love to sit. There were two ones. And if you're New England, let him sit behind. You know, Justin Fields understood behind can do for a year. Now, If your new England you've got your much better team this year, hopefully an improved cam Newton and most importantly now you have your core back.

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