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About the same thing yes all the acting words i just i don't think that those who are hoffman is supporting actor now that's the other thing about the whole category oh you the other is appointing i try for it's been a lot since i've seen it like he how he's in the supporting category it doesn't i though it makes no sense good point i think that israel if you are not in the first 25 minutes in the movie and that's people or dumb highline he's not the one humping the sand also that could have been a campaign thing to get 10 out of the award ever but like yeah i mean jamie jamie fox is coming in sixth for be philip seamer off it is going back up to to the best category sorry jamie cox but i'll see your years flipping now no he's right i forgot that i mean my memory i didn't i don't remember being is outraged for as long as i have been about other supporting actor issues but this is definitely one of those things where the category parameters got fudged in order to get him out of one category into another and it didn't even work out because they don't look at your bucket house it didn't work of the rs demarcus any show iranian were ray it just didn't did he think five years later django underrated overrated properly rated what is what has been the the legacy what does it the consensus at it's good that it's fine we actually that we thought i as rated highly gary i minds i can't divorce it from liking inglorious or too little more but i think i think jiang goes you have the king has really interesting i think that is historically how will be remembered it's like inglorious bastards as time goes on for a lot of people that i have talked to think of that is his second achievement behind pulp fiction earth and leads hung have they seen death proof i love have they seen jackie brown's death proof is very very hard at charlotte guys i'll jacob advantage in this context though because of everything that happens human thurman story and all that that mean.

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