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I think he's a dirt dog. I think he's a fuck boy. All right. What do we got next? Okay, we got an anonymous ner Noni rights. I am currently in college and have been dating the same guy since my sophomore year of high school. We are both very career driven, but to be honest, he is more so he has already made it very clear to me that we may break up in the future, but that he. Simultaneously feels a high level of commitment to me. This has really put me in limbo. I think about a future with him all the time, and I don't feel he is equally concerned with our future. I feel myself trying to mold my vision to his. But if he already he's break-up on the horizon, do you ladies think I am just wasting my time or is it worth seeing if his mind changes after all these years? Almost four committed to him. Thanks. I mean, it kind of seems like he's like, he's like slowly trying to lay the bricks of a break-up. Yeah. And then when he does break up with you and you're like, oh, my God will. Why'd you stay with me for so long? He's like, we'll, I told you, I told you I didn't really see a future with you, and I got to say, I think you are wasting your time and you can never count on someone changing their mind if Ardy put him for years with someone who's not committing to you, you've got to move on and like, and I would genuinely move on. Yes, there was a chance that he could do the whole like I didn't realize what ahead try. It was gone. Together since they were really young. So if more year of high school, they probably each other's only friend girlfriends situation. Yeah. So, I mean, I'm sure he's wondering what else is out there. Maybe I could like, I don't know like we haven't crazy sex with all these tender hose now, you know, like I don't know what young men wonder but exact. I mean, I think exactly that I think they wonder exactly what you're saying. So honestly, I think you gotta cut cut things loose, and I would generally move on. I would try to see what else is out there. I know you really love him and it's going to be probably one of the most difficult things you've ever done, but he's he's like hinting already that he doesn't see if you with you and that's like shitty. Like, how can you even, you know, go home to someone in like kiss them, knowing that they're not as committed as you are to them? I would just feel so yucky to me. You deserve a future with somebody who's excited about it as you are. That's that's a normal thing that you can find out there and. Honestly, like I said, go out data their people. If in the future, this guy decides to change his mind which you cannot count on because you need genuinely move on. But if he does, then you need to decide like, do you really believe him this time? Is he really going to commit to? You might feel differently you believe him? It'd be like I've moved on because I fucked Tinder hose myself, and and I liked it like what's out there. And honestly, that's what I see for happening for you. I think you're gonna move on and realise that you can feel just as strongly about this guy as you do about other people. It's going to be super hard, but you're gonna be the better for it. Exactly. If you guys want your listener questions answered or if you have any funny messages that you wanna share with us, you can Email us at contact. This is why you're single show dot com. You can also find all of our contact info on our website at this is why you're single show dot.

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