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Called your cheque not yet not yet well are you i mean so so far you've got nothing for your fifty graham true true and ivo i'm pretty smart with money so i have a positive net worth right now four hundred thousand between what four one big out there and uh home equity so i'm not i'm not terrible but i just wanna know what what kind of big assets do you have that are not home equity or 401 i have one hundred thousand in vehicle fifth wheel toy like lurd right on point more than ten fifteen thousand dollars how that are all going down in value oca here the open and you make seventy five thousand dollars a year yeah yeah but i on thirty one okay about what you're going to say about my out but now so what is your house payment now screaming thirteen fifty it got out a balanced the to thirty and then what's your take on uh tickled about thirty four hundred among the must be after 401 k contributions or something yeah yeah occur what's your take home pay if we don't count 401 k contributions or i could get it up to thirty eight hippie near 3rd you said 38 a minute ago yeah well i'm just trying to do quick math on the here's the thing i don't know what your house payment to be much more than a fourth of your takehome pay it's about a third of your take on bay today but i think when i had my 401 k back in your pretty healthily jam on on this 401 k it sounds like so i'm going to temporarily stop the 401 k your house is not the problem your toy always or your problem and your student loan as your problem one hundred thousand dollars worth of toys when you make seventy five thousand dollars.

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