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El Paso NBC News Radio I'm Lisa Carter President Trump says he's willing to meet with Iran and leaders but they aren't interested after Trump pulled. The US, out of an international nuclear agreement with Iran. Threaten the country with historic levels of suffering Tehran says there's no chance of. A meeting right now the first trial in the special counsel probe is. Set to kick off today jury selection scheduled to begin in the trial of former Trump. Campaign chief Paul Manafort the president's former campaign chair is accused of hiding at least thirty million dollars he made. Before his days with Trump as an unregistered foreign lobbyists, for Ukraine and his former pro Russian president we're told the prosecution plans to call thirty five witnesses including agents from the treasury. Department and, IRS, to, show, how Manafort allegedly stashed his wealth and overseas banks to avoid paying taxes. NBC news correspondent Heidi Prisma love more than a dozen. Wildfires are raging out of control in California the car Fire burning near, reading in northern California, has now scorched more than one hundred and, three, thousand, acres, and, is only twenty three percent contained is killed six people and bird more than, eight hundred homes and hundreds of other buildings North Korea may be working on new missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead to the US. The Washington, Post reports that US intelligence agencies think that. One or two intercontinental ballistic missiles could be under construction at a factory where. North Korea has previously made missiles that can reach the east coast of. The US the US and North Korea currently working on plan for the possibility of North. Korea getting rid of its nuclear weapons Matt cook reporting at officials with the San Antonio aquarium and taxes say. A trio of thieves stole a shark from a touch, pool and smuggled it out of the aquarium in a stroller a spokeswoman for the aquarium says the suspect is in custody and. That the, shark, is, alive, and well despite the traumatic experience you're listening to the latest from NBC. News Radio The operator of the duck boat. That sank on July nineteenth near Branson Missouri killing seventeen people is facing a one hundred million dollar wrongful death lawsuit with this lawsuit we hope that we will drive the death trap duck boats out of business attorney Bob manga Lucy said the claim states the canopy. Of the boat trap those on board and drag them to the bottom of the lake multiple companies are named in the lawsuit of being aware of the dangers of vehicles yet doing nothing about it families of the victims who died filed the lawsuit Sunday in the US district court the vessel had thirty one people on board when the. Left the shore and table rock lake before severe thunderstorm, caused the boat to capsize and, sink Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio Malaysian authorities say there are still, a lot they don't know, about what happened in two thousand fourteen to Malaysia Airlines flight three seventy danika weeks lost her, husband pollen that flight she says, she wishes the lengthy new report was more helpful I really.

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