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Company of Michigan athletics. Shake authors mullets away, but first let's hear from head coach Jim Harbaugh Char's brigade interview is brought to you by trucks, Arianna get a great deal during ram power day. Here's the voice of the wolverines. Jim brandstatter. Welcome back to our pre game show. Jim Brandstatter here with the head coach of the wolverines prior to the Maryland kickoff. And Jim let's talk about last week before we talk about this week. What does it say to coach when your team goes on the road and can come out of a seventeen to nothing whole that to me is pretty impressive. Yeah. That's that's where we looked at it. When we will look at the tape of the game the way our players played. First quarter northwest. And did a lot of great things. It's tremendous coaching staff that they have there and they had a excellent plan and both in all phases. And then. You know our team, and our our coaches did an amazing job to make adjustments are players. With it made the corrections and. And really played a a really impressive three-quarters, especially the second half. On Monday of this week. You talked about shea Patterson, and we've all seen him make the throws he made a couple of really great ones against third western, gentry and Eubanks. But you said I really liked his energy. What did you mean? By that. I thought he was a catalyst in the game. Belly making plays. But you know, getting getting other players involved. Do it. I've seen it every day in practice. I see it in the games. I think it's increasing much like the way the way chase when chase one of its is doing it on defense. I think he's a real catalyst on defense in the same way. I was gonna ask you about chased to is hit the point now chase where he's making others around him better. Just because he's getting so much attention from the other guys from a coaching perspective is that a positive on Chase's part, but other guys are benefiting from his reputation. Well, I think it's what people see I think a lot of people that know football, whether it's opposing coaches opposing players NFL scouts. I mean, they all say the same thing that we've all been saying for quite some time out. Chase plays a really high motor chases. Active each play from snap to whistle. And you know, he he makes place. He's a player that that makes plays. He causes. A lot of havoc from the defensive end position. He runs from sideline to sideline. He's just a highly motivated football players, very talented and it makes plays. Everybody seen it getting feedback from. From so many people here from the opposing coaches you hear from posing Pires you hear from F L scouts and. That's that's that's who chases and. Yeah, he's he's as I said, he's a real catalyst because our players see it too. And they watch it, and they emulate it. See how into it? He is. And and you know, makes us all more into it. Speaking of somebody this into Karan hidden play his best football since he's been at Michigan. Do you think? He really really is. He's he's worked so hard. He's a really good. He's a really good runner, and he always has been and but the other parts of his game pass protection blocking has has really improved catching out of the backfield has improved. You know, his his vision to make make the right run has really improved. It. It's not always the cutback. You just added a lot of things to his game as as as he's gone along here. And and gain the experience that he has so yeah, I think he's without a doubt. He's playing his best football. We'll be back have more with head coach Jim Harbaugh prior to the kickoff of this homecoming, Maryland game, stay with us. This is Michigan football tooth or dare. I dare you to impress me. Okay. Alexa. Tell Toyota to start my Avalon. What is your four digit pin zero seven one eight wedding anniversary well done.

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