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We like, oh, we might actually win a playoff game with the sky. Yeah, me when when I had I gotten to cincy it was Marvin was coming from a Super Bowl. Win in Baltimore or two years ago to use prior to that, and he's he's tried to. He's changed the culture a little bit. I mean, they they've, they've gotten to the playoffs only last handful years and he's done a good job with that. And and they looked good and week one. I mean they might have shot. We'll see. Do you think that like he's it's crazy that he still has job? Are you surprised that he's still marvins a good coach, Marvin get coach, Marvin, and going eight. He he's had a bunch of aids. Well, it's it's very hard. I feel like in the NFL there's teams are very impatient with their coaches. So I kind of understand where the Bengals like, hey, we wanna keep some kind of continuity here. You can get caught quickly in that we're fire coach every two years thing. It's easy to do. It's easy to fire coach and just will change will change that position out. We'll change that spot out. He's been consistent. He he's, I think that organization just likes knowing that he, it's the same system. He's going to be back. He's going to be back. I don't. I don't know how much control per se he may have over thinks he wants to have control over, but for the mount of control he's had, he's done a pretty good job. Do the Bengals actually have a jam? No, they don't. So it's the owner. I'm not sure who's Colin shots near. It's a long time since I've been there. Totally up in the air. Yeah, that's not a good sign for New Year's -ation gyms are good. I, yeah, I ended my career in Arizona with with Steve kinds of phenomenal, Jim. So I got to see no GM where you're not really sure who's Colin shots or or you do know, but it's it's always kind of up in the air to this is the GM he's making a decision. He says, you're gone. He says, we're signing you. And he says, we're drafting him to two completely different worlds, and it's much easier to operate with GM that you knows in control. I've noticed that most teams have GM's so that typically works. I don't know many teams that don't. I'm PFC by the way. Another nice to meet you. PF. PFC. Yeah, Niner fan PF PFC I have their hat because they gave me one for free. We went out to do you have any free stuff because some water take some water came from the gym water going back real quick to your. Time incense. He was going on over in Pittsburgh. Well, first of all, do still hate the Steelers. No. I mean, I respect the hell out of the Steelers and that organization's phenomenal. I mean, you look at the way they reload talent and you look at the guys that have been through that locker room that other people have paid. You know, Emmanuel Sanders you go on and on down the list that they know how to draft. They know how to develop, and I think they have good chances anybody this year. You don't have any bitterness towards them? No. No? What about when we say the name KIMO von Omaha, phen. Hey, I, I would love to have bitterness at the football game being bitter Sean. It's fun to hate something also made him someone because he would be no one..

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