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Six start. Flipping? That we wake up on Saturday. And we watch our college football teams do bad all. And. I don't like to get into the whole conversation. You know what's better out there college? Ball or the way because simply is not I like the neatness of the NFL, I like the top skill level. I like the subtle rule differences that college. The ball present like the overtimes. I like that there is no two minute warning. Which is an other built in commercial thirty teams going out there and playing basically every. We staggered the schedule yet by weeks you have things that make it so that you're, you know, there aren't fifty seven games every week. Others. About thirty five. Existed in face school football. You know where I grew up in the Cleveland area in north. Still high. Oh, where games are played on Thursday out of respect to those celebrating. Russia shot, which is, you know, you, you could play out. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, if you're in the mid American conference and. That's how you get for a MAC game in November. And it really stinks because. Look at someplace northern Illinois. They've got three Saturday home games in. To support the college football team. It's probably an added perk. It's definitely an added perk. If you can be a scholarship football player in that program. Man, you know, you can get the exposure, you know, scholarships are limited. Other even more limited when you get to division two. And then they are restricted when you division three. So. Artificial. Caps that school could you whatever? Ons, basically could continue to give away free education, but it's not going to do that. It's good. It's going to stay within the parameters. You've seen the program but it's not a Athletic Association. I'll just put it that way with the double a at. The ad. Some of the rules are. That that's not something the radical that's. Jason Keith Van horn. We have pasta gate at ten state where we determined that we were over compensated, the players with pasta. Shabazz knee. Shabazz Napier adds up. Says he's hungry and the fixes it right away. Because hungary. Is. At least at least want to reestablish. Position I went for being adamantly against the, the student athletes being paid to to to. I'm going to listen to the Y on and the shortsighted. As the crow flies path to. The solution for forgetting about it. Any type of collateral damage so it's, it's click here by this. And we add up. We end up thinking that we're solving a problem that maybe. Isn't something that's act. You'll be because we're very we're very binary. We are. We are zeros and ones with pay the players don't pay the players. And we don't need to. We don't need to take these hard lines. Maybe everybody should be on the one side of the equation. Everybody should be in on listening. Now, my concern concern is you start throw it out paychecks. What do you do the budgets? What are you doing to the competitive level? What are you doing? For that, for that guy that wants to go to Vanderbilt Stanford Duke. Football scholarship. What are what if those types of schools, can't make the payroll because they don't know program. That's that's worth the buck. I mean, I, I am I like baseball's model the best with no salary cap in its survival of the fittest. Usually means big markets usually means little markets like mining Cleveland. Get strewed. Attic, definitely see that happening with college. Now that I'm worried about Arizona state losing a Cold War of funds. Try to recruit Los Angeles and to recruit, Texas, which is you what Aaron strong shoot should should be is keeping these guys at St..

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