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You're listening to the nfl on tunein as no huddle with brian weber and kordell stewart pleased to be joined by front of the program sage rosenfels the former vikings quarterback sage thanks for taking the time let's put money aside how much of a football upgrade is kirk cousins potentially over case keenum well i think he's an improvement i think he's a guy that when you need them in certain situations you know in the fourth quarter year down by ten i think that kirk cousins just has that little extra giddy up to to bring his team back he has that ability to care the team on the shoulder a little bit more no put the offense more his hands he'd got more experienced he's been a lot of big time football games and and and i love case keenum asking i was one of his early and strongest supporters of i i do believe that kirk cousins isn't improvement now is it worth the money and your extra sounds like about eight million dollars or so that they you know they may not be able to assign somebody else sack i think that was really the issue in minnesota the give and take of do we do we go after case keenum it about twenty million or for kirk cousins at twenty eight and pasta lose one of their own players that may be a free agent i think you may be you know in competition with the guy who support in case keenum it's been going on for a while now and i think the guys on the show could tell you but the body of work that he was capable of putting in with the minnesota vikings the only thing that's better than that is winning the nfc championship and go there you give him this much money kirk cousins and he doesn't get that far.

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