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Get wacky socks for room some sort of back again no no wacky so no fuzzy socks and now all right this is a common thing I will ever got any socks the only time I can ever remember anything weird is the farting Christmas Carol it's a you know it's too bad you didn't have a copy of that but we can share before you know next week is out did you know that it's it was fun CD that's a long ago I mean after we had Jovian here singing the Mariah Carey song yeah for Christmas that would've been a nice follow up you know how did you hear about the dog video with him on his Facebook no somebody literally you can hear the radio in the background somebody video to their dog at home some free Facebook friend of this and the DA and and you can hear him singing in the background over the over the air the dog was literally hiding behind the couch there's a video so it was that bad the the the the dog is seen powering behind the couch I believe it it's a funny video alright all right one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five the dumbest worse give you ever got and if anybody knows more about how the heck one of these white elephant things works Christie in Manville you run New Jersey one one point five hi guys how are you good how are you doing now I want to raining so not that great anyway now I do want to make this quick and easy sell because then I you by you know who you're buying or you don't or you do have you can tell them afterwards but as far as the white elephant yeah is let's say there's twenty people and then price ranges twenty dollars you buy again it has nothing to do with like someone's gonna buy like that could be a gap okay so I number one you're number twenty I get the wind that but I'm not happy with it and then you get your twenty so you get Nagi you now can pick and take someone get and the one the one before you I'm taking your wine without doubt if it's alcohol exactly you don't have the people don't but everyone who went before number one has an option we also okay from the people look for that okay I got all that but why is my wife telling me that every white elephant exchange that somebody brings in and she and she made it seem like it was like on purpose one person is assigned to bring in a dog of a gift a bad gift that's not true I I mean I hate to say it women power but she's wrong the white elephant is a gift you don't want I want the gnocchi but to someone else but they don't want thank you they don't like it my life are going to be the same as your so in hers then somebody really didn't think the rock tumbler was a great gift for them yeah whoever it might have been like all my god this is great someone's gonna love it when I did and I got my gift I was mortified and was just like I I'm like whoever wants it could take it I didn't even bring it all what would you rather a bottle of wine or a Christmas album where all the songs are farted instead of sun I mean because I can get drunk why probably listening to CD farting and none of this is the same one or not yeah but there is something called affording Christmas by Santa's farting elves on Spotify Jeez got a track listing yeah what gems that have on the track listing jingle bell forts silent fortnight so they change all the titles not all of them just a couple of well Rudolph the gas the reindeer something like that I would still like to job John in Monroe Hey John how are you a guy of the show thanks John you're welcome to start off by saying that I'm a millennial I bought a house about three years ago and we have a Christmas party every year with them okay and list you know everyone getting the wine in the loop on the news and stuff like that and my neighbor receive my body is game called who the potato what ever heard of what is that but it's a little bit like a black bar down there with all these little plastic the Beatles in it and what you do is you divide up P. five one five and you started the starting line and you have to book at the other end and you know and put it in your but she tried to walk across the parking my god yeah so that was our get well would you have to know people to play that game in front of each other I mean honestly unless you're wearing yoga pants or very tight fitting you gotta drop well nobody's gonna play that by that part of it but in time we're playing on it and the night we're all you know drunken during you was slated yeah we all played it okay so you have to pull your pants down you did this like make it like no no no no come on their own what you do you you pulled your jeans down and just kept your underwear on and kept it like against the underwear how to how to join the cheeks what to do it your hand a difficult yeah I was gonna say that's a pretty it's due to yeah this is awful he put the potatoes making my fort CD's on there's no question of do buy your donuts take my pants down with yours a lot I am in Franklin you're in New Jersey one a one point five Hey Sam how are you Sam can you hear us and three it Sam two one oh okay move up no Sam mark in Parsippany you're on New Jersey one one point five good afternoon gentlemen how we doing today okay mark Hey mark nine five I think you should probably use a little bit of logic so everybody gets assigned to bring a guest some people are going to bring something that they like eventually one gift is give me calm the white elephant because no one's going to like one gift that someone thinks is it gives you a gift but eventually it will be transferred around everybody because nobody wants that gift so in other words the waiter the concept is it's not done on purpose but we know in a large enough group there's always gonna be one more on who doesn't know what a good gift this that's basically the contact okay all right did you ever partake in one of these I did and I like your like a snotty shows up you know something that you know is just someone likes but most people don't so it's and you end up with the snuggie or the rock tumbler or something to that effect all right mark thanks for your calls coming more clear now all right so have you ever done a white elephant what's the worst gift you ever got in one of those one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five alright ladies what guy in your life are you shopping for this holiday season I know guys can be really really tough to shop for you know it's like we're big hairy beast we just grunt answers that you know what you want for dinner I don't know what you want I don't know so speaking of the Harry part what we all do almost all the shave and there's a really really nice gift idea bill and I have both for years now been fans of the shaving products from Harry's what about a gift from Harry's it's a gift that's both thoughtful but it's also practical and listeners of air show can.

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