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Significantly has been designated or even hinted at as a clear success atushi who in theory at least is to post supposed rather to step aside in twenty twenty two isabelle is he is he dropping a hint here when these creating a very interesting conundrum because if they if they do follow the retirement was not only of course we have to stand down which actually now he could do because now he's called his thought is now in the constitution capital t with a could become in a president the tiddlywinks association and he would still be the most powerful man in china that way deng xiaoping banned the beach association and china and but for the others adan right now you're looking at a standing committee of the politburo all the food would have to step town in five years that's never happened that's the ridi 'extraordinary situation because to be in line for lead it you need to have five years to serve on the current standing committee and then a 10year martin for your own ten fifteen years none of them has that none of them so you know if we we well we know that he likes the center stage and it's actually very dangerous position to be in to be nominated as his successor to a dictator maize maximize ended up pena dead or imprison say it made me never do you once the job if you look a little further down the 24 members of the politburo you have much more of a she frantic crowd the this standing committee is still relatively mixed you've got you know i mean they're cetinje big supports us if she in it that there were so in error does desi youth league man this kind of they're a former allies of previous an a general secretaries but the they the wider body of the politburo itself is pretty much sunny cheap so it's possible that people could be plucked out of that but it would very very unusual oscar what what should we glean from this do you think are we going to should we just get used to the idea of zhengping for a wild beyond twenty twenty two.

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