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Bloomberg World Hang quarters. I'm Charlie Public. We move into the final hour of trading on this Wednesday, July 14. Julia Qatar's We have got the Dow, the S and P. NASDAQ, all advancing staunch stocks. Touching records. Bond yields falling of second quarter earnings role in and Fed chair J. Powell makes the case for maintaining economic stimulus. As for the economic backdrop and markets, Brian Levitt is global market strategist at Invesco. The challenge with this cycle is that everything is happening very quickly. We had a very sharp recession quick. We had a very quick recovery, and we quickly moved into an expansion phase, and we're already seeing the yield curve flat. And so everything has has accelerated in terms of, uh, the duration of it. And so it's it's probably a shorter value cycle than what you've seen in the past. The S and P 500 fluctuated as Powell presented testimony to Congress heard here on Bloomberg Radio, emphasizing that the U. S economic recovery still has not progressed enough to begin scaling back support, such as asset purchases. 10 year Yield 1.35% the S and P up, 10 Now up by about 3/10 of 1%. Now up 56 up. 2/10 of 1% has tank car by six. Up by less than 1/10 of 1% has stacked 100 index up 4/10 of 1%. Delta Airlines has predicting an earnings rebound in the second half as U. S business traffic starts to revive this fall following surprisingly strong summer demand for leisure trips. Delta reporting this morning shares down 1.9% American Airlines Group higher after the carrier projected it would post a slight pretax profit when it reports earnings next week, the latest sign of a rebound. In U. S TRAVEL Shares of American Airlines Group Up by 2.5%. Apple shares their climbing to a record up right now by 2.5% again. Recapping Equities higher Addison P. Up 10 of 2/10 of 1%. I'm Charlie parents. That's a Bloomberg business Flash. You're listening to Bloomberg Business Week with Carol Master Bloomberg. Quick takes Tim Stinebaugh on Bloomberg Radio. Yeah, you're listening to Bloomberg Business Week. Wednesday. July 14th.

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